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Syngenta introduces CruiserMaxx® APX soybean seed treatment for unmatched Pythium and Phytophthora protection

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09 March 2022, USA: Syngenta announced today that its latest Seedcare innovation, CruiserMaxx® APX (pronounced APEX) seed treatment, is now registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The peak of soybean seed and seedling protection, CruiserMaxx APX delivers powerful protection against early-season insects and diseases, including Pythium and Phytophthora.

“Early-season diseases like Pythium and Phytophthora cause reduced plant stands, root rot, stunting and limited yield potential,” says Dale Ireland, Ph.D., Syngenta Seedcare technical lead. “As U.S. soybean growers continue to plant earlier with reduced seeding rates, early–season Pythium protection is more important now than ever before. Maximizing soybean yield starts with minimizing stand loss, damping-off and consequent replanting caused by these seedling diseases.”

To better protect soybeans, CruiserMaxx APX combines the proven CruiserMaxx Vibrance® seed treatment with picarbutrazox, a novel mode of action, for unmatched early-season protection against Pythium and Phytophthora, as well as FusariumRhizoctonia, seed-borne diseases and early-season insects.

“After working on developing this compound over the last eight years, I’m very pleased to share CruiserMaxx APX with the U.S. soybean grower,” Ireland said. “We are thrilled to offer the most robust Pythium and Phytophthora protection available while still delivering the plant-health benefits growers and resellers have come to expect from CruiserMaxx Vibrance and Syngenta Seedcare.”

Soybean growers can trust CruiserMaxx APX to protect against yield-robbing diseases and insects while enabling faster, more uniform emergence, stronger plants and roots, and quicker speed-to-canopy.

“With CruiserMaxx APX, best-in-class soybean seed treatment protection is now even better,” said Katie Jaeger, Syngenta Seedcare product lead. “CruiserMaxx APX combines the proven Vigor Effect and RootingPower that CruiserMaxx Vibrance is known to deliver with supercharged, broad-spectrum, early-season disease and insect protection to give seedlings the strongest possible start from day one.”

CruiserMaxx APX was formulated to perform in all planting conditions and fit with current soybean growing trends ― like reduced planting rates, earlier planting and continuous soybeans. This flexibility gives growers more freedom to plant when they choose to, with minimum risk of replant and the associated costs.

“No matter if you plant early into cool, wet soils or later into a warmer, double-crop environment, CruiserMaxx APX delivers the most powerful early-season disease and insect protection available,” Jaeger said. “Compared with competitor seed treatments, we’ve observed an average yield increase of 3 to 5 bushels per acre in moderate to high Pythium pressure situations.1 And in an Ohio State University Phytophthora trial, CruiserMaxx APX was the only seed treatment to deliver a statistically different 5-bushel yield advantage compared to the untreated check.2 So, when every seedling on every acre counts, CruiserMaxx APX is a valuable tool to help you maximize your genetic yield and ROI potential.”

CruiserMaxx APX will be available for limited trialing in 2022 and more broadly available in 2023, subject to state approvals. Visit a Syngenta Grow More Experience site in 2022 to see its strong performance in action. To learn more, visit Join the conversation online — connect with Syngenta at

1 2018 Syngenta internal and external trials (TNA054A3-2018US); n=7: OH, IL, MI, KY, IA, NE, MN.
2 2018 Ohio State University Phytophthora trial; α = 0.05

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