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Using high-quality seed treatments helps peanut growers combat early-season disease

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15 August 2022, USA: Growers can significantly improve their plant stand by using a peanut seed treatment that consistently provides thorough coverage, according to data gathered by Syngenta. A 2020 study in Georgia showed that stressed plants treated with Trebuset® Peanuts had nearly 3,250 more plants per acre than untreated peanuts, demonstrating the value of seed treatments in fighting off difficult disease like Aspergillus crown rot and post-emergence damping off.

With more than two-thirds of the United States peanuts grown in the Southeast, the pressure for growers in the region to produce healthy, high-yielding peanut crops is weighty. While diseases like Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Aspergillus can increase this pressure, Trebuset Peanuts fungicide seed treatment helps crops emerge strong, despite the pervasiveness of these primary diseases.

“Trebuset Peanuts is a broad-spectrum liquid fungicide premix powered by the novel molecule Adepidyn technology,” says Steven Patton, Syngenta seedcare product lead. “It actually combines active ingredients from five high-performing fungicides ― Apron XL®, Dynasty®, Miravis®, Maxim® 4FS and Vibrance®. As a result, Trebuset Peanuts consistently protects developing roots, promotes strong early-season plant establishment and enhances yield potential.”

Most growers agree that seed treatments like Trebuset Peanuts are more than an early-season decision. They’re a season-long investment. Early-season suppression of peanut diseases is key to safeguarding roots, establishing strong seedling vigor, and optimizing early-season stands. Trebuset Peanuts protects developing roots by remaining in the root zone as the plant grows, giving it the strongest start and protection from infection as its journey from seed to fully formed plant begins.

“Trebuset Peanuts is delivered in a liquid formulation, and our particular formulation delivers value to the grower in two key ways,” Patton says. “Active ingredients can be applied more accurately, and the seed treatment coating itself holds much tighter to the seed, fostering better disease control and better stands in the field. Another huge asset for growers is its Adepidyn technology, which provides rapid, effective absorption into the plant for longer-lasting suppression of early-season, economically damaging diseases, including Aspergillus crown rot. The net result of using Trebuset Peanuts is an increase in yield and profit potential.”

With the 2022 season fresh in growers’ minds, proactive planning and strategic decision-making for 2023 now can help set them up for success later.

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