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New Seed Treatment Sets Higher Standard of Control for Peanut Disease

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Trebuset® Peanuts seed treatment from Syngenta guards roots against key peanut diseases to help deliver exceptional seedling vigor and strong early-season stands.

22 December 2021, USA: Peanut growers can maximize their crops’ full yield potential with the newly registered Trebuset® Peanuts seed treatment fungicide from Syngenta, which sets a higher standard for early-season suppression of peanut diseases. Trebuset Peanuts is a pre-mixed formulation of five active ingredients found in the Apron®, Maxim®, Dynasty®, Miravis® and Vibrance® fungicide brands.

Trebuset Peanuts protects developing roots with vigorous soil movement to promote strong early-season plant health and an enhanced yield potential. A 2020 study in Georgia showed that stressed peanuts treated with Trebuset Peanuts had nearly 2,500 more plants per acre than Rancona® V PD 22 days after emergence1. Trebuset Peanuts stays in the root zone as it moves through the soil, protecting the plant and delivering the performance growers need to start the season off right.

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“Trebuset Peanuts is a game-changer when it comes to protecting peanuts from early-season stress,” says Steven Patton, product lead with Syngenta Seedcare. “We’ve seen impressive field results when it comes to reducing critical diseases such as Aspergillus crown rot and post-emergence damping off.”

ADEPIDYN® technology, a next-generation N-methoxy ethyl linker, a first-of-its-kind molecular structure, makes this fungicide seed treatment a revolutionary technology for growers. The result is longer-lasting suppression against damaging diseases. In addition, the formulation delivers lower dust-off, high adherence, and improved flow at planting for increased efficiency and efficacy.

“Growers are always looking for a more flexible and durable treatment for diseases. That’s what they’ll get with Trebuset Peanuts,” Patton says. “As a liquid formulation, it offers the consistency of a fully-coated seed that won’t lose product. Add to that best-in-class efficacy, even with stressed seed, and the result is early-season control that delivers higher yield potential.”

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