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Australia: Food forum to focus on safety

17 November 2021, Australia: A $492,495 grant has been awarded to Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to create an international food safety forum.

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Deputy Secretary David Hazlehurst said the Multilateral Food Safety Forum would improve collaboration across the Asia-Pacific.

“FSANZ are hoping this forum will include Australia, China, the Republic of Korea, Japan and Singapore,” Mr Hazlehurst said.

“By bringing these countries together, FSANZ will organise collaboration between food safety agencies across countries.

“The forum will aim to find areas where different countries can work together on food safety projects that promote science and risk-based approaches, are consistent with international standards and benefit trade.

“This forum will also mean FSANZ can work with other countries on projects that support two-way trade between markets.

“While the forum will start off small, once it is established, we can look at expanding its membership to other countries.

“Building cooperation and partnerships across our region is how Australian agriculture will be able to deliver its goal of becoming a $100 billion sector by 2030.”