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Brazil: Syngenta launches VERDAVIS® and SPONTA developed from PLINAZOLIN® technology

07 August 2023, Brazil: Syngenta Crop Protection strengthens its portfolio of solutions to enhance large-scale production in the field with the launch of two insecticides, VERDAVIS® and SPONTA®. These are the first solutions of a revolutionary family of products developed from the molecule PLINAZOLIN® Technology, an unprecedented chemical group with a new mode of action that comes to transform the management of pests of difficult control in the country reinforcing the innovation, performance, and flexibility of the technology.

Already registered for large crops such as soybeans and corn, VERDAVIS® presents itself as an acaricide insecticide, composed of two highly effective actives, PLINAZOLIN® and Lambda Cialothrin, and has multiple characteristics that, in synergy, provide more shock, more spectrum of action and more days of control. The product inaugurates a new concept of shock because in addition to the traditional knock-down effect (pest fall), it immediately paralyzes the process of feeding pests. Its composition materializes in an extraordinary intrinsic ability to control a wide spectrum of pests even the most resistant and difficult to control. In addition to having characteristics of high persistence, high selectivity for crops, low degradation by UV rays, and is practically not washed by rain, which provides a long period of control.

According to Marcos Queiros, Manager of Innovations in Insecticides at Syngenta, the product arrives at a crucial moment for the pest control of soybean and corn crops. “The intensification of the soybean and off-season corn cultivation system has brought important implications for current technologies, due to the increased pressure and the number of pests in the crop. VERDAVIS® arrives to transform this dynamic, with a new product concept for the control of the main pests of soybeans and corn, a performance never seen before. It is an insecticide capable of controlling all phases of pests (eggs, nymphs, and adults) breaking the cycle and that is why we reinforce that this innovation enables unprecedented control.

In soybeans, the product inaugurates a new concept, ‘Brown Bedbug More’, which endorses its excellence of control against the entire complex of bedbugs (including green belly) in addition to its high effectiveness in combating mites, caterpillars, and thrips. In corn, VERDAVIS® brings the concept ‘Cigarrinha Mais’, for the very high effectiveness in controlling leafhoppers, more bedbugs, and caterpillars due to its wide spectrum of action,” says Marcos.

Products offer unprecedented control for a wide spectrum of pests.

SPONTA® is an insecticide designed for the cultivation of cotton in a modern highly concentrated formulation based on PLINAZOLIN® Technology and brings the “Bicudo Mais” concept, because it provides a new level of control of the bicudo, in addition to mites and thrips.

“Among the factors that most reduce the productivity and quality of cotton is the bee-e-eated, a pest responsible for causing significant losses in production, but we also have the advancement of other important pests, such as mites and thrips. The product is a siege against the main pests of cotton. Can be applied by air or by land, SPONTA® brings convenience in the application and operational optimization due to its low dosage and effectiveness. It is also worth highlighting other essential benefits, such as high selectivity against natural enemies and for culture, because it does not cause phytotoxicity,” concludes Marcos.

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