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BASF resolves on share buyback program with a volume of up to €3 billion

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  • Own shares to be repurchased from January 2022 until year end 2023
  • Repurchased shares to be cancelled, reducing the share capital accordingly

05 January 2022, Germany: In light of the positive business development and the divestitures in the course of 2021, the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE has today resolved on a share buyback program. The program amounts to up to €3 billion, shall start in January 2022 and be concluded by December 31, 2023, at the latest, subject to a renewed authorization to repurchase own shares by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of BASF SE on April 29, 2022. BASF SE will cancel all repurchased shares and reduce the share capital accordingly.

The share buyback program is based on the authorization by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of BASF SE on May 12, 2017 authorizing the Board of Executive Directors to purchase up to 10 percent of the issued shares at the time of the resolution (10 percent of the company’s share capital) until May 11, 2022. BASF plans to propose to the 2022 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting a renewed authorization to buy back own shares. The purchase shall be executed on the electronic trading platform of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra) and be conducted making use of the safe-harbor exemption for buyback programs of Article 5 EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

BASF remains committed to its progressive dividend policy. Share buybacks are another tool that BASF will use additionally to create value for its shareholders. Through the share buyback available capital will be returned to shareholders, the company’s capital structure optimized and earnings per share increased. BASF will continue to prioritize organic growth in its use of capital, while acquisitions are currently of lower relevance for the company.

Based on the strength of its balance sheet and the company’s ability to consistently deliver high free cash flows, BASF continues to strive to maintain a solid A rating. BASF currently has a rating of A/A-1/outlook stable from Standard & Poor’s and A3/P-2/outlook stable from Moody’s. Fitch currently assigns a rating for BASF of A/F1/outlook stable.

From 1999 to 2008, BASF repurchased shares for around €9.9 billion and reduced the number of outstanding shares by in total around 29 percent.

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