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ADAMA launches sugarcane herbicide Jumbo in Brazil

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18 August 2022, São Paulo: ADAMA launched its herbicide Jumbo (Technical: Sulfentrazone + Tebuthiuron) in Brazil to targets grasses and broad leaves in sugarcane crops.

The product launch announcement was made during Coopercitrus Expo 2022 in São Paulo last month.

Jumbo will help growers in the management of weeds, which need to be effectively controlled in sugarcane fields to maximize productive potential. The herbicide has active ingredients that achieve more efficiency in the management of weeds, while offering flexibility, safety and economy for farmers, he added.

The solution also has characteristics that contribute to the sustainability of sugarcane cultivation. As it is a complete solution, it can also significantly reduce the need for packaging by about 62% compared to mixing in a tank.

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