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Sipcam Nichino launches fungicide for seeds of 5 crops

Systemic and contact solution arrives on the market in the coming days, positioned to protect seeds from potentially harmful pathogens.

11 November 2023, Italy: Sipcam Nichino Brasil announces this week the launch of the Torino® brand fungicide. The new solution has registration for seed treatment in the crops of irrigated rice, beans, corn, soybeans and wheat, according to the company. Based on the compounds fluazinam and methyl thiophanate, it acts to eliminate seed fungi, protect plants from soil fungi and improve the germinal potential of crops.

According to agronomist Vitor Cabral Araujo, from the market development area, Torino® is described as a systemic and contact fungicide with a broad spectrum of action. “Employed in accordance with the technical recommendations, the fungicide favors better establishment of plants (stand) in the crop and promotes more productivity in the crops for which it is registered,” he summarizes.

According to the agronomist, it is also a strategic product as it protects target crops from the incidence of economically relevant diseases. In soybeans, for example, Torino® is recommended for the control of seed rot, phomopsis, purple spot, anthracnose, aqueous rot and white mold.

In corn and wheat, the indications for use are for blue mold and stalk rot and helminthsporiosis and brusone, respectively. Anthracnose, tipping, storage fungus, stored grain rot and white mold are the target of Torino® in the beans. In irrigated rice, the prescriptions cover tipping, storage fungus and grain spot.

“In addition to the systemic action, the new fungicide acts effectively on the dormant fungi or ‘mycelium’ present in the seeds. It thus prevents them from developing and making the emergence of plants unfeasible,” observes Vitor Cabral.

“With low investment compared to other treatments, Torino® reduces risks of soil contamination, protects seeds throughout the germination and emergence process, results in more vigorous plants, more resistant to environmental, or climatic, adverse effects and maximizes the productive potential of the cultivation areas,” he concludes.

Created in 1979, Sipcam Nichino results from the union between the Italian Sipcam, founded in 1946, a specialist in post-patent agrochemicals, and the Japanese Nihon Nohyaku (Nichino). Nichino became the first agrochemical company in Japan in 1928, and since its arrival on the market it has been focused on innovation and the development of new molecules for crop protection.

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