PlantArcBio Secures Patent from European Patent Office for Its Innovative DIP™ Platform Advancing Global Food Security

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11 November 2023, Israel: PlantArcBio Ltd (“PlantArcBio”) (TASE: PLNT), an ag-biotech company specializing in gene discovery and biological components to enhance agricultural crop traits, is pleased to announce that it has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office (EPO) for its pioneering Direct In Plant (DIPTM) platform. This novel platform is designed to discover genes for improving traits in crops and solidifies PlantArcBio’s commitment to revolutionizing global food security by adapting crops to the challenges posed by climate change and enhancing sustainability.

The DIPTM technology and platform was developed to discover novel genes that enhance various target traits, allowing to adapt agricultural crops to climate change and to the mounting challenges presented by pests and weeds. The platform’s effectiveness has already been demonstrated through outstanding results in increasing drought resistance in corn and soybeans, achieved by leveraging genes discovered using the DIPTM.

“Granting the patent for our technology by the EPO is a significant milestone and achievement for PlantArcBio and is a testament to the innovation and ingenuity of our team” commented Dr. Dror Shalitin, PlantArcBio CEO, “We firmly believe that this technology will continue to play a pivotal role in addressing global food security and critical sustainability goals, and this patent reaffirms our commitment to making a meaningful impact. A US patent has already been granted for a first gene discovered using the DIPTM platform, and US patents covering additional genes are currently at advanced stages of prosecution. we are delighted to receive this additional patent that recognizes the intrinsic benefits of our innovative technology.”

The DIPTM discovery Platform for improving traits in plants

This groundbreaking platform was developed by PlantArcBio to provide a game-changing method for adapting agricultural crops to adverse environmental and biological conditions.

The platform offers unique advantages, including:

High-throughput – rapid scanning of millions of genes, enabling the discovery of trait-improving genes.

Novel genes – discovering novel genes from nature, previously unknown to the scientific community and likely to evade detection through alternative methods.

Direct utility in plants – applying the traits directly in model plants, followed by demonstrating yield increases and enhanced drought resistance in target crops including soybean and corn.

In line with its core strategy, PlantArcBio remains committed to fortifying its competitive edge through robust Intellectual Property (IP) protection. With the recent patents successfully granted, the company’s IP portfolio now comprises a total of eight patents in various stages of global registration, ensuring the safeguarding of its pioneering technologies and innovative solutions in the field of agricultural crop enhancement. This dedication to IP protection reinforces PlantArcBio’s position as a leader in the field and further stimulates innovation within the industry.

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