PlantArcBio Receives USDA-APHIS Approval in the US for planting and breeding soybean modified with its Novel PPO Herbicide-Tolerant Gene

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10 January 2024, Israel: PlantArcBio Ltd (TASE: PLNT), an ag-biotech company specializing in gene discovery and biological components to enhance agricultural crop traits, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Regulatory Status Review (RSR) conducted by the USDA-APHIS. The review concluded that a modified soybean variety using PlantArcBio’s genetic technology designed to confer resistance to protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) herbicides does not present a plant pest risk and, therefore, may be safely grown and bred in the United States.

PPO herbicides play a vital role in weed control in many agricultural crops, and the incorporation of PPO herbicide tolerance in crops provides farmers with a powerful tool to manage weed pressure effectively. PlantArcBio’s novel PPO herbicide tolerant trait in soybean allows for the use of several classes of PPO herbicides to control resistant and hard-to-control weeds, providing a targeted and efficient approach to weed management without impacting the soybean crop itself.

USDA/APHIS conducted a comprehensive evaluation as part of the RSR and found no plausible pathway by which PlantArcBio’s modified soybean would pose an increased plant pest risk relative to conventional soybean plants. Therefore, PlantArcBio’s modified soybean variety can now be freely planted, bred and commercialized without the need for a permit or regulatory authorization. 

Dr. Dror Shalitin, CEO of PlantArcBio expressed his excitement about the USDA’s timely conclusion stating, “This recognition from the USDA further validates the safety of our cutting-edge ag-biotech approach. We are proud to contribute to the advancement of sustainable agriculture through our innovative genetic technologies.” Dr. Shalitin emphasized, “We are also thrilled about now being able to partner with diverse collaborators to expand efficacy trials in key soybean-producing regions without the burden of a long and costly regulatory review.”  

The PPO herbicide tolerance gene was discovered using PlantArcBio’s unique gene discovery technology Direct In Plant (DIP™), reinforcing the company’s ability to discover desired traits to boost yields for some of the world’s major crops. PlantArcBio remains steadfast in its mission to leverage its unique and powerful technology to discover and apply genes that improve plant traits, such as its drought tolerant and yield increasing genes, and that help farmers sustainably meet the growing demand for food worldwide. 

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