AlgaEnergy reinforces its commitment to soil health through its active participation in the Microbiome International Congress 2023

16 June 2023, EU: The Microbiome Congress is Europe’s most prominent event focused on the utilization and application of microorganisms. AlgaEnergy participated actively, making valuable contributions by showcasing scientific studies and presenting a specialized range of solutions specifically designed to promote soil health. The company’s participation in the event was within the context of its incorporation into the De Sangosse group.

AlgaEnergy has an extensive expertise in microalgae, which have scientifically proven to play a vital role in soil regeneration. With soil health as a top priority, the company has collaborated closely with its R&D department to develop targeted solutions that effectively address the issue of soil degradation. This commitment has led to the creation of ResilBio™, an exceptional product range offered by AlgaEnergy that includes all the biosolutions aimed at enhancing soil health. Notably, ResilBio products incorporates the innovative UPT® Technology, enabling selective digestion of microalgae while preserving the valuable compounds present in its formula. Scientific evidence confirms that these biosolutions have a beneficial impact on the soil microbiome, leading to improved nutrient cycles and enhanced crop yield.

The congress featured an impressive lineup of presentations renowned for their high scientific and technical profile in which AlgaEnergy and the University of Seville played a prominent role by highlighting the unique contributions of microalgae. Manuel Valenciano, Iberia Director at AlgaEnergy, delivered a lecture titled “Microalgae and their relevance to soil health and crop performance,” based on the company’s latest trials conducted in partnership with prestigious institutions such as CEBAS-CSIC. Valenciano emphasized that “the trials demonstrated the ability of microalgae to stimulate beneficial microbial populations in the soil, foster biodiversity, and enhance microbial activity, resulting in a positive impact on crop development.”

The event gathered over 1,500 professionals from diverse nationalities, making it a truly international congress. This significant assembly held particular importance for the company, as it perfectly aligned with the company’s objective of promoting the potential of microalgae to farmers worldwide. AlgaEnergy’s delegation comprised leaders from various departments, fostering invaluable connections and synergies for future projects.

Augusto Rodríguez-Villa, founder of AlgaEnergy and Chairman of the Board of Directors, acknowledged that “the contribution of microalgae to agriculture and, particularly, soil regeneration, is so significant that we need to go back billions of years to acknowledge that these microorganisms, as the pioneers of photosynthesis, have played a transformative role in converting desert soils into fertile lands.” Rodríguez-Villa expressed that “AlgaEnergy has made a meaningful contribution, harnessing its extensive knowledge of microalgae and its practical application, resulting in satisfied millions of farmers worldwide. With research and development deeply ingrained in our company’s DNA, we remain committed to advancing soil regeneration and leading the way in innovative, sustainable, and profitable agricultural practices.”

AlgaEnergy is the first company in its sector to become a B Corp, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. This commitment is reflected in the development of all its solutions which are already benefiting over 4 million farmers worldwide.

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