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AlgaEnergy’s great contribution to regenerative agriculture field at the Biostimulants World Congress 2021

AlgaEnergy had the privilege to share its disruptive vision and strategy that will define its commercial track for the next several years, as well as present the results of recent studies.

20 December 2021, Miami: AlgaEnergy recently attended the Biostimulants World Congress, organized by New Ag International and Informa Connect, in Miami, Florida, from the 30th of to the 2nd, as both an exhibitor and gold sponsor. The Biostimulants World Congress occurs every two years and is heralded as one of the most important events for the agribusiness and biostimulants market in the world. The event brings together a professional community and participants from 800 companies and 72 countries to present innovations and trends in the biostimulants market. The organization of the event aims to bridge the gap between the technical and commercial areas of the sector for a cohesive message and direction.

AlgaEnergy had the privilege to share its disruptive vision and strategy that will define its commercial track for the next several years, as well as present the results of recent studies.

While sustainability is an essential and critical focus at AlgaEnergy, the company wants to take a more proactive, progressive approach and create a strategic plan that establishes a new concept. With this, it is focusing on regeneration. Its goal is to use AlgaEnergy products to regenerate soil while also concurrently providing nutrition to crops.

Ry Wagner, President of International Agribusiness at AlgaEnergy, presented ‘A Regenerative Systems Approach to Sustainable Agriculture: Harnessing the Power of Innovative Biological Solutions’ in which he demonstrated the need for sustainable agriculture, how AlgaEnergy supports that need, the future of regenerative agriculture, and AlgaEnergy’s role in leading innovation for regenerative agriculture. Regenerative systems are the future of sustainable farming because improving soil health and crop nutrient utilization is key; using biological methods for pest control promotes critical biodiversity; and, it’s vital to improve soil and water quality while simultaneously increasing yield and food quality. Wagner presented several field trials showing the proven results of microalgae-based biostimulants in 3rd party replicated trials using AlgaEnergy products. There are plans to expand the AlgaEnergy product portfolio for innovation solutions in regenerative agriculture that results in novel, natural biological solutions across the crop input chain. The important takeaway is that developing regenerative solutions that deliver benefits to soil, water and crops across diverse regions and farming systems is critical for sustainable agriculture.

In addition to Wagner’s presentation, AlgaEnergy presented 5 scientific posters during the event. The posters showed the effectiveness of its solutions in different crops and locations around the world.

As well as the various scientific presentations, Michael J. DeSa, Founder and Managing Director of AGD Consulting, and Barrett Sydnor, Market Access-Communications Strategist for AGD Consulting organized a marketing workshop during the event. Carmela Pérez Calleja, Director of Marketing and Communications of AlgaEnergy, assisted in coordinating the working groups during the exercises.

During the workshop, Pérez introduced a case study from AlgaEnergy. She also participated in an interview in which she speaks about AlgaEnergy, new product launches in 2021, and the company’s role in the event.

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