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AlgaEnergy joins AEFA

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07 March 2021, Spain: AlgaEnergy, a leading international company in the microalgae biotechnology sector and its applications, and a member of the Board of Directors of the European Association of Biostimulants (EBIC), has recently signed its membership of the Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers (AEFA), a non-profit organization that brings together manufacturers of agronutrients based and established in the Spanish market.

AEFA, as the voice of the agronutrients industry, is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, valuing the role of these agricultural inputs as a tool to achieve high yields in a sustainable way, both economically and environmentally.

With its adherence to AEFA, AlgaEnergy continues to strengthen its institutional position as a world leader in the market for agricultural inputs of biological origin. Hence, AlgaEnergy is part of 15 international associations, including managerial and executive positions in EBIC, AseBio (Spanish Association of Biocompanies), EABA (European Algae Association) and BioVegen (Plant Biotechnology Platform). The incorporation of AlgaEnergy as a full member of the association was approved by AEFA this February.

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In relation to joining AEFA, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, Managing Director of AlgaEnergy, pointed out that “AlgaEnergy is a pioneer in the sector of biostimulants and other agrobiological inputs, developing and marketing solutions based on microalgae and other microorganisms that are unique in the world. Having worked intensely in recent years in the development of the biostimulant sector in Europe from the European Association of Biostimulant Producers (EBIC), in addition to participating in various committees for the normalization and standardization of agricultural inputs at a national and international level, we understand that we are in a position to contribute our grain of sand and contribute, now also from AEFA, to the development and consolidation of the biostimulant sector in our country. It was a logical step for us and we are very pleased to have taken it.”

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