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New High Oleic Acid Groundnut Variety with High Yield Potential Released in Gujarat

16 June 2023, Gujarat: The collaborative work between Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU) and ICRISAT has led to the development of a Spanish bunch groundnut variety suitable for Kharif (rainy season) cultivation in Gujarat. This variety, named GG 39 (ICGV 16697), was released in March 2023 by the State Variety Release Committee of Gujarat.

The new variety with a maturity period of 113 days was developed using marker-assisted selection (MAS) at ICRISAT and underwent extensive testing from 2017 to 2021 before its release for cultivation.

Economic attributes from over 23 testing trials of the new line compared to local checks showed that it has higher kernel yield, higher oil, oleic acid, and shelling percentage. The variety exhibits several desirable traits, including high yield potential and high oleic acid content. The kernels are rose-colored, uniform in size, and spindle-shaped. In terms of disease resistance, stem rot disease was lower, while leaf spot, rust, and collar rot diseases were on par when compared to the check varieties.

“Dr Janila Pasupuleti, Principal Scientist (Groundnut Breeding) and Cluster Leader-Crop Breeding at ICRISAT stressed the significance of developing and releasing high oleic acid groundnut varieties tailored to specific agroecologies. These varieties play a vital role in achieving higher pod and kernel yields while driving widespread adoption.”

Additionally, two Spanish Bunch high oleic acid groundnut lines developed through the JAU and ICRISAT partnership, and a Virginia Bunch high oleic acid line developed in collaboration with Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, have been promoted to the Advanced Varietal Testing stage by the All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Groundnut (AICRP-G) at a national workshop held from May 24 to 26.

“Speaking about the modernization efforts at JAU, Dr R Madariya, Head of Main Oilseeds Station, highlighted their utilization of advanced technologies such as single seed descent (SSD), speed breeding, MAS, and the generation of high-quality yield data through multi-location testing in the state. Moreover, JAU actively supports the seed system network by supplying Breeder Seed, ensuring the accessibility and distribution of superior varieties.

Participants at the workshop also sought the ICRISAT team to facilitate training for mapping rice fallow areas and designing suitable cropping system recommendations. Ms Nandini Dalai, Assistant Director of Agriculture at the Directorate of Agriculture & Food Production, Government of Odisha thanked ICRISAT for organizing an innovative training program on climate-smart agriculture.

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