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New variety of heart-healthy groundnut to benefit all of India

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17 September 2022, India: Groundnut oil considered as good as olive oil was made possible with the development of high oleic acid varieties. Now, a new variety identified for national release opens promising avenues for India, parts of Southeast Asia and Africa.

India’s first ‘Spanish type’ high oleic groundnut developed by researchers at ICRISAT in partnership with the Junagadh Agricultural University is advantageous compared to the initial varieties (Girnar 4 and 5) of the ‘Virginia-type’.

Spanish lines occupy a significant area across India, Southeast Asia and Africa, while the less popular Virginia lines are limited to the Indian states of Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat.

“The new groundnut line being high yielding, drought tolerant, and resistant to foliar diseases will help increase the income of farmers and traders in India and enhance export opportunities for Indian groundnut.

The growing demand for groundnut oil in the pharmaceuticals and personal care sectors has further boosted its share in the global market, which is expected to account for USD 3.28 billion by 2029,” said Dr Janila Pasupuleti, Cluster Leader, Accelerated Crop Improvement, ICRISAT.

The new groundnut line has recorded 80.7% oleic acid and 3.6 % linoleic acid content. It has a protein content of 26% and an oil content of 51%. High oleic acid content indicates improved quality of groundnut oil with an increased shelf life of up to six months. A higher acid content also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and obesity. The new variety of groundnut matures in 113 days in the kharif (rainy) season.

A significant commercial advantage is that high oleic acid groundnuts are preferred for confectionary products and peanut butter. Its kernel exhibits ​ a desirable ‘nutty flavor’ that is enhanced when roasted.

The new variety GG40 (ICGV 16668) was developed by a ​ team of groundnut breeders at ICRISAT in partnership with Main Oilseeds Research Station (MORS) Junagadh Agriculture University (JAU), Gujarat. The new line departs from conventional breeding techniques and was bred through marker-assisted backcrossing at ICRISAT. Multi-environment testing resulted in the selection of this line based on its superior performance across locations and was recommended for national testing by JAU.

“The new groundnut line is recommended for cultivation in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Maharashtra during the rainy season,” said Dr RB Madariya, Head in charge-Research Scientist (Groundnut), MORS JAU, Gujarat, India. ​

Observation of economic attributes (average of three years) of the new line compared to local checks:

 ICGV 16668TG 37AGBPD 4
Pod yield (kg/ha)332124862562
Kernel yield (kg/ha)210317231791
Oil yield (kg/ha)1073810896
Shelling (%)636968
Observation of economic attributes (average of three years)

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