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Rejected Wheat shipment from Turkey redirected to Egypt

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06 June 2022, New Delhi: A wheat consignment sent to Turkey from India was rejected by the country’s competent authorities due to phytosanitary concerns. The consignment of durum wheat weighing 56,877 tonnes was said to be infested with India Rubella disease.

As per report, the consignment was sold by ITC to a foreign firm which re-directed it to Egypt. It left India with complete due diligence by a buyer nominated surveyor as well as plant quarantine authorities. 

Rubella is caused due to soil / seed contamination. If the lot was infested, it would have been detected during screening in India, said a trader aware of the issue. However, the authorities suggest that the transit time of two weeks to turkey and change in temperature and humidity might be a reason for the phytosanitary issue.

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