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Sulphur Mills Limited launches two new 9(3) insecticides Imara & Judwaa G

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06 June 2022, Indore: Sulphur Mills limited launched 2 new products Imara and Judwaa G last week in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 

Imara (Technical: Fipronil 0.6% with Sulphur 70% and Zinc Oxide 13%) is a WDG based product which is world’s first patented insecticide with nutrition. It is suggested to apply 4 Kg /Acre after 15 to 20 days of transplanting in paddy and in direct sown paddy after 25 to 30 days of sowing by uniformly mixing in soil or fertilizer. This application window is the most effective to provide a protective shield against stem borer attack and also provides nutrition at the same time.

Judwaa G (Technical: Chlorpyrifos 50% + cypermethrin 5% W/W WDG) is a dry cap technology based product having water dispersible granules (WDG) formulation with controlled release properties. It has quick knock down effect, longer residual control & no smell. It is suggested to apply it 270-300 gm/acre and with 200 liters of water for controlling Stem borer in Paddy.

Mr. Radhey Shyam, Head – Crop Protection, Sulphur Mills limited shared product overview. Imara is a unique product as the inert materials used for the formation of insecticides are replaced with Sulphur 70% and Zinc Oxide 13%. This means that the inert / non active compounds has been replaced with nutrition which leads to protection of plants from harmful inserts. It also provides required nutrition to the plants not only that but it is also beneficial for soil health. 

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