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Economic Impact: Kaji Nemu Witnesses Price Increase as Assam Declares it State Fruit

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20 March 2024, New Delhi: In a significant recognition of Assam’s agricultural heritage, the indigenous lemon variety known as ‘Kaji Nemu’ was recently designated as the state fruit. This declaration aims to elevate the cultural significance and economic value of the fruit, deeply intertwined with Assamese tradition and cuisine.

Since the proclamation, the price of Kaji Nemu has witnessed a substantial surge in the market. Currently, a single lemon is priced between ₹10 and ₹20, representing a sharp increase from previous rates. What was once a common household ingredient has now become a luxury item affordable only to the affluent.

This price escalation has raised concerns among residents, particularly regarding the affordability of lemonade, a popular summer beverage. The rising costs are troubling many individuals who rely on lemons for culinary and health purposes.

Notably, Kaji Nemu has also received a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, acknowledging its unique qualities and regional association. Beyond its culinary uses, this citrus fruit (citrus limon) is valued for its abundant health benefits, including its high vitamin C content, antioxidant properties, and positive effects on digestion, immunity, and overall well-being.

In response to the fluctuating prices and changing dynamics, vendors are adjusting their pricing strategies to accommodate market demands and ensure continued access to Kaji Nemu for their customers.

While the majority of the fruit, approximately 70%, is sourced from Barpeta, the remainder is collected from other regions such as Rangia and Khetri.

According to an official from the Pamohi Wholesale Vegetable market, the wholesale price of Kaji Nemu stands at ₹9.50 per piece. However, the retail market prices are higher due to transportation costs and limited availability. The sudden price surge can be attributed to a decrease in production caused by inadequate rainfall. It is anticipated that prices will stabilize once sufficient rainfall occurs.

As Assam proudly embraces Kaji Nemu as its state fruit, the rising prices underscore the importance of striking a delicate balance between cultural recognition and affordability for all residents.

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