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Outlook of wheat farmers of India in the current marketing season 2023

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30 January 2023, New Delhi: In recent times, India has been the world’s second largest wheat producer and has been the major supplier of wheat in the global market. India’s wheat production has been increasing steadily over the years, with a record production of 106.84 million metric tonnes in 2021-22 as per the 4th advance estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.

Wheat is an important crop for Indian farmers, with more than 90% of India’s wheat production being consumed domestically. Wheat farmers in India have been feeling the pressure of rising input costs, including labour and fertilizer costs. Additionally, there has been a lack of sufficient rainfall in Kharif in certain parts of the country, which has affected the residual moisture and crop yield in some areas.

However, despite these obstacles, the outlook for wheat farmers in India for the current season is positive. The Government of India has been providing various assistance programs, including financial aid and subsidies, to help the farmers cope with the rising input costs. Additionally, the government has implemented a Minimum Support Price (MSP) system to ensure that farmers are able to earn a fair price for their produce.

The current season’s wheat crop is expected to be profitable for farmers due to the higher MSP, improved irrigation facilities, better quality of seeds and availability of export market. Additionally, favourable weather conditions and improved farming practices have also resulted in higher yields and better quality of wheat.

Overall, the outlook for wheat farmers in India is positive. With the help of the government’s assistance programs and favorable weather conditions, the current season’s wheat crop is expected to be profitable for the farmers. This will help ensure that the farmers are able to earn a fair price for their produce and will help them to sustain their livelihoods in the long run.

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