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New Mobile Application Measures Environmental Impact of Crop Protection Products

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02 December 2020, Switzerland: A new mobile application has been launched to help growers protect their crops and secure a more resilient and sustainable agriculture system.

By using the IPM Pro app from Corteva Agriscience (available for download from  Google Play® and the Apple App Store®), farmers can measure any potential impact of substances such as Isoclast™ active, Spinetoram, Spinosad and Methoxyfenozide on beneficial insects and pollinators.

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The tool also provides information to ensure safe use of our insecticides, including Closer™, Runner™, Intrepid™, Spintor™, Tracer™, Success™, Delegate™ and Exalt™.

Europe already has a stringent regulatory process on how crop protection products impact pests, the environment and beneficial insects, and the IPM Pro app provides additional assurance for farmers.

After opening the app and selecting a crop, users can access details on pests, beneficial insects and pollinators, as well as stewardship recommendations and Corteva solutions that can help growers produce a bountiful harvest.  

For example, a tomato grower using Closer™, the new sucking pest insecticide from Corteva Agriscience, to protect their crops could access the app and evaluate the impact on all key beneficial insects and pollinators.

The launch of the app is in line with Corteva Agriscience’s vision for a more resilient food system, as set out in its 2030 sustainability strategy. The company is committed to establishing, restoring and preserving desirable habitat for pollinators and wildlife in harmony with an affordable and abundant food supply that meets the food and nutrition needs of the growing world.

The 14 goals, to be achieved over the next 10 years, are built around four key pillars: goals to benefit farmers; goals to benefit the land; goals to benefit communities and goals for the company’s operations. They include a commitment to enhance biodiversity to improve more than 10 million hectares through sustainable land management practices and habitat conservation.

Corteva Agriscience is committed to:

Enhancing biodiversity – the variety and variability of plants, animals and microorganisms in a habitat or ecosystem as a key component of both farm health and sustainability efforts.

Helping to protect pollinators, which play a vital role in the production of healthy crops for food, fiber, edible oils, medicines and other products. One-third of the world’s food production relies on pollinators and, as a company committed to those who produce and those who consume,their protection is a priority for Corteva Agriscience.

Corteva Agriscience Insecticide & Nematicide (INM) Program Leader Sylvain Bedel said: “IPM Pro is an excellent tool which enables farmers to keep track of pests and apply products in a targeted way. This is just one example of Corteva’s commitment to providing growers with a toolbox of solutions while reducing the environmental impact of insect management in line with societal expectations for greater sustainability.

“Corteva is committed to helping growers as they strive towards a more sustainable agriculture and this app will help them protect the beneficial insects and pollinators which are so crucial to our ecosystem.”

In addition, by downloading IPM Pro, growers will be granted free access to the IPM Impact database, one of the world’s most comprehensive database on potential side-effects of many crop protection molecules on biological agents and pollinators.

Corteva will offer this useful tool, worth €500 per year, to the grower for free in addition to the new mobile application.  

The IPM Pro app is available to download via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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