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METOS® family is richer for another member – METOS® COLOMBIA

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17 May 2023, Colombia: Pessl Instruments, a leading global developer and provider of smart agriculture technological solutions, is proud to announce that another member of the METOS® family has been established – METOS® Colombia. The newly formed company is set to equip Colombia and other, strategically chosen, Latin American countries with smart IoT tech solutions, weather stations, data loggers and services.

METOS® Colombia will offer a range of solutions that will help local farmers improve their yield and optimize their day-to-day field operations. With weather stations and site-specific localized weather forecasts, they will get real-time data on temperature, humidity, rainfall, and more, they will be able to make more informed decisions about when to seed or plant, how much to irrigate, when to protect plants and crops to prevent diseases from developing, and more.

In addition to weather stations, METOS® Colombia will offer the whole range of products under the METOS® brand – from soil moisture sensors, plant disease models, electronic insect traps, AI based cameras for remote field monitoring, work and machinery tracking devices, and all other tools that enable farmers to monitor and manage their crops more efficiently.

The whole range of METOS® products are designed to be easily installed and used, making them accessible also to farmers who have little to no former experiences with ag-tech IoT solutions.

“We are committed to empowering Colombian and Latin American farmers with innovative technology, showing them how their operations can be optimized, resulting in increased yield and profitability,”

begins explaining Yonathan Rivas, the executive and commercial director of METOS® Colombia.

“Overall, the launch of METOS® Colombia is an exciting development for the South American market and our mission is to provide the local farmers with the assistance and solutions they need to grow and distribute their crops sustainably. We are looking forward to making a positive impact not only on our local community, but on every community that is dependent on the produce of Latin American farmers,”

Mr. Rivas concludes.

You can meet the METOS® Colombia team in person this week already, at the upcoming 1st Banana Conference which will take place on May 18th and 19th, at the Estelar Santamar Hotel & Convention Center, Santa Marta, Colombia.

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