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New nmetos – the revolution of the connected fields

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25 January 2022, AT: Pessl Instruments was the first company in agriculture with internet based weather stations and it is now ready to announce the launch of a new category of METOS® weather stations – nMETOS (nano METOS). With that latest line we aim to revolutionize the fields around the globe, helping the farmers step into the new era of the connected fields.

At Pessl Instruments, we already have hundreds of thousands of users worldwide for decades and now with the nMETOS we want to help every farmer to quickly adapt to new practices of the connected field anywhere, any time at an unprecedented price and convenience level. In order to meet the needs of farmers and those of the environment, we developed nMETOS to measure the most important environmental parameters in order to prevent plant diseases and insect infestation, help with time management (workforce planning, spraying, irrigation) with people and machines. This new system will help you save time, resources and money, while lowering the harmful effect on the environment and have a super fast ROI.

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“When developing the nMETOS we had two keystones in mind: sustainability and the real needs of the farmer. The farmers of today require a highly reliable sensor set permanently connected on the mobile phone, precise data reachable within seconds, long-range communications, and an extended battery lifetime. We managed to combine all in one weather station – the nMETOS,” begins explaining Mr. Gottfried Pessl, CEO & Founder of Pessl Instruments.

“The reason we decided to go with NB-IoT/CAT-M/GPRS is that it allows a global range of coverage compared to any other system and also gives great penetration which is optimal for greenhouses, soil moisture monitoring in complex crop canopies and animal-breeding facilities. Another great aspect is the optimized power consumption, super small solar supply combined with rechargeable batteries which is sustainable and good for the environment,” added Mr. Pessl.

Choosing nMETOS will help you act on time – but only when necessary.

With this weather stations in the field, you will:

  • Minimize soil disturbance and apply less chemical inputs
  • Maximize biodiversity
  • Save valuable resources such as water and fertilizer
  • Get help adapting the processes to the site-specific climatic conditions
  • Have help with resource savings without yield loss
  • React timely on frost, heat and other environmental conditions

Revolution of the connected field

The revolution of the connected field is now here. Remote field monitoring helps automate the agriculture processes that result in boosted yield, managed natural resources and lower impact on the environment.

We use the latest technology when developing new products but it is only when the farmers put it in their field when it really starts to shine. Our station and the farmers that use them are reshaping the future of agriculture. Our weather stations help enhance the process control, boost the efficiency, improve crop quality and they have the potential to adapt the processes to climate change. We are all part of an advanced ecosystem – the revolution of the connected fields,” concluded Mr. Pessl.

In case you would like to have more information, please download the leaflet.

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