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MustGrow Banana Disease Results in Colombia: 100% Control

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01 December 2020, Saskatoon, Canada: MustGrow Biologics Corp. is pleased to announce the initial Colombia laboratory test results of MustGrow’s mustard-derived organic biopesticide formulation on the disease Fusarium wilt TR4 (“Fusarium wilt TR4”), a devastating pathogen ravaging the $25 billion global banana industry – in the past referred to as the Panama Disease.  Testing and reporting was completed via third party independent laboratory CyberAgrot SAS in Colombia using Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) official protocols.

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Controlling the Fusarium wilt TR4 disease definitively, MustGrow has accomplished a unique feat – a feat MustGrow believes no other agri-science team has achieved.  This laboratory work will serve as a beachhead for more advanced testing to be used to achieve registration in Colombia and other leading banana producing countries.

CyberAgrot Study Results:

Using ICA official protocols, all plate samples treated with MustGrow’s natural organic biopesticide showed 100% control of Fusarium wilt TR4.  Five different rates were tested, each showing 100% disease control.  In comparison, control samples (without MustGrow’s technology) showed Fusarium wilt TR4 was still vibrant and growing.  All data was assessed after a 5-day period.

Further testing will determine whether MustGrow’s patented biopesticide technology will control Fusarium wilt TR4 in greenhouse and field settings.  Fusarium wilt TR4 is the most destructive banana disease, affecting particularly Cavendish bananas, which are half of all bananas produced globally.  Currently, there are no effective treatments for infected banana plantations, with the disease remaining viable in soil for decades and can cause 100% yield loss.

Industry expert and General Manager of CyberAgrot, Alexander Chajin Robles commented, “The CyberAgrot team is very pleased with the recent laboratory results of MustGrow’s mustard-derived product.  This work further advances MustGrow towards our shared goal of combating the Panama Disease, which has devastated the Banana Industry in Colombia and across the globe.  Eliminating the disease is a national priority for the Colombian government, with the disease now affecting acres in many regions of Colombia.  MustGrow’s product achieved 100% control of Fusarium wilt TR4 and we very much look forward to now begin field trials.  With further success, we will advance conversations with the Colombian Agriculture regulatory body as well as the Colombian Banana Association, accelerating MustGrow’s product as the only 100% organic solution to a growing crisis.  A very exciting opportunity.”

The spread of Fusarium wilt TR4 through banana plantations in South America has prompted Colombia to reportedly declare a National State of Emergency, enacting special measures to stop the disease from spreading, including the preventive eradication of 168 hectares of infected crop.  A flurry of media reports has followed, revealing a race to save bananas from extinction after the disease has left a trail of scorched banana plantations in its wake.

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