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Minister Le Minh Hoan: Vietnamese agricultural products have many advantages before the EUDR

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26 July 2023, Vietnam: On July 25 at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Minister Le Minh Hoan has a working session with the Green Transformation Partner Alliance, including enterprises, investment firms and domestic associations

At the COP26 Conference in Glasgow, Vietnam and countries worldwide committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. The Government of Vietnam and MARD have developed specific programs to realize this mission. The programs are divided into several phases to be implemented evenly and comprehensively nationwide.

In addition, the industry and agricultural associations are urgently preparing for the European Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). They primarily focus on key export products of Vietnam, such as coffee, rubber, wood and wood products.

Speaking with MARD leaders, Mr. David Brand, the Chair and CEO of The New Forest, acknowledges the positive shift of forestry investment which aims for global climate change adaptation.

With over 20 years of experience in eco-investment and relentless efforts to benefit the environment and society, Mr. Brand believes that Vietnam will receive much attention from the private sector in the future with the advantage of high and stable forest coverage.

In addition, Mr. Michael Jenkins, President and CEO of the Forest Trends Association, encourages Vietnam to act towards Net Zero emissions as quickly as possible. He conceives multi-sectoral and multi-sectoral dialogues as fundamentals for comprehensive and synchronous implementation across the country.

Receiving insights from the Alliance, Mr. Tran Quang Bao, the Director of the Forestry Department, states that the leaders are rapidly pursuing the general policy and legal corridor related to forest management. Furthermore, MARD is committed to supporting enterprises soon transitioning to green agricultural production. This process aims not only to ensure domestic carbon supply but also to participate in the international voluntary carbon market. In addition, pilot models of afforestation and agroforestry will be implemented to guarantee people’s livelihoods.

The meeting helps to clarify several outstanding issues and affirms the opportunities for Vietnam’s agriculture sector in the mission towards the goal of Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Minister Le Minh commands the public-private partnership in sustainable agricultural development, which the Alliance’s companionship exemplifies. The Minister adds that reducing emissions will be even more meaningful as MARD has received support from the World Bank to develop the Project of One million hectares of high-quality, low-emission rice.

As the Government is reviewing a carbon market decree, Minister Le Minh Hoan encourages associations to build portals and forums between enterprises. Moreover, he assigns the International Cooperation Department and MARD Department of Forestry to discuss with the enterprises actively. These actions are within the framework to implement National Action Plan for the agricultural sector to comply with EUDR.

In addition, the Minister wishes that the Green Transformation Partner Alliances, with their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, will support officials at all levels with capacity building, techniques and qualifications, ultimately achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 together.

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