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Delivering West Australian Farmers Reliable Access To Fertiliser

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11 January 2021, AU: West Australian growers will have improved access to a competitive and reliable supply of liquid fertiliser, with Nutrien Ag Solutions partnering with Coogee Chemicals to underpin the construction of a significant new bulk storage facility for UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) at Kwinana, in Western Australia.

The Coogee Chemicals investment, underpinned by the long-term bulk storage and services agreement of Nutrien Ag Solutions, will see Nutrien Ag Solutions significantly increase its liquid storage capacity in WA to 50,000 MT, complementing the granular fertiliser storage capacity in excess of 200,000 MT.

Nutrien Ag Solutions West Region Manager Andrew Duperouzel says they are proud to partner with West Australian company Coogee Chemicals to improve the fertiliser offerings to WA growers.

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“This is great news for all croppers in WA, particularly those in the Wheatbelt who will benefit from the choice and competition that this extra capacity will bring. Having access to the right fertiliser at the right time is fundamental to strong crop growth and we will now have the capacity to offer farmers a more reliable supply,” Mr Duperouzel says.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Managing Director Rob Clayton says the business is committed to providing the industry with the best services, products and advice.

“We are proud to continue our long history of service to West Australian farmers. At Nutrien Ag Solutions we are making significant investments in infrastructure, digital technology and services to help our farmers produce the world’s best food and fibre. Reliable access to fertiliser is a key part of this,” Mr Clayton says.

Coogee Chemical’s Managing Director Grant Lukey says the project will help assure supply for those in the west.

“We are delighted to host a leading agribusiness in Nutrien Ag Solutions, at our bulk liquid tank terminal at Kwinana. This will help ensure long-term safe and secure supply of UAN to the farmers of Western Australia,” says Mr Lukey.

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