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Anuvia Plant Nutrients Licenses SymTRXTM10S Product to The Mosaic Company

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Agreement will enable wide distribution of Anuvia’s technology to bring improved financial and sustainable outcomes to farmers

15 September 2020, Winter Garden, FL: Anuvia Plant Nutrients announces a commercial agreement with The Mosaic Company to exclusively license its SymTRXTM10S product in the USA, which will accelerate the product’s growth and availability.

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This agreement enables Mosaic to utilize Anuvia’s SymTRX10S technology to introduce a next-generation bio- based phosphate fertilizer with sulfur to the marketplace under the Mosaic brand name SusterraTM.

Anuvia will continue to sell its SymTRXTM20S product in the USA, along with commercialization of all SymTRXTM products in markets outside the United States.

“Anuvia’s strategic decision to license the SymTRX10S product to The Mosaic Company will greatly accelerate wide distribution of Anuvia’s technology to growers,” said Amy Yoder, CEO, Anuvia Plant Nutrients. “Integrating our products into existing solutions and working with partners that have wide distribution will help farmers profitability meet the demands for sustainable food production.”

The foundation of Anuvia’s suite of products is its Organic MaTRXTM. This technology works alone or in conjunction with traditional fertilizer, providing crops with all of the same essential nutrients as traditional fertilizer, while improving soil health. It also reduces nutrient loss and greenhouse gases.

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Utilizing Anuvia’s technology will enhance The Mosaic Company’s commitment to building healthy soils, through the launch of Susterra. Some of the key benefits growers can expect from Susterra include:

  • Improved nutrient efficiency: Susterra is optimized for the efficient delivery of nutrients — with immediate nitrogen availability for early season growth and slow- release nitrogen for late season needs.
  • Boosted and balanced soil microbiomes: Built with up to 15% recycled organic matter, Susterra promotes microbial activity in the soil, supporting a more balanced microbiome that is proven to improve overall soil health.
  • Innovative, sustainable fertilizer: Unlike other phosphate fertilizers, Susterra uses bio-based technology to deliver recycled organic matter and nutrients for more sustainable production.
  • Easy blending and application: A high-quality, homogeneous, dry-granular product, Susterra provides uniform nutrient distribution, blends easily with other fertilizers and is well-suited for use with existing application equipment.
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