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IT grads building the future of agriculture

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31 March 2021, AU: Managing Director Rob Clayton says Nutrien Ag Solutions recognises the rapid adoption of technology and modern IT systems is now a standard part of success in agriculture and is recruiting a whole new generation of IT experts to support the industry’s transformation.

“Our investment in our IT graduate program is two-fold. Firstly, we are ensuring that our own IT systems and tools make it easier and more convenient for farmers to access our advice, products, and services,” Mr. Clayton says.

“Secondly, ag tech and data analysis tools are critical to improving productivity on farm and we are determined to ensure the ag tech we recommend solves a problem for the farmer.”

Our IT Grads will join a team of passionate experts at Nutrien Ag Solutions that are developing the digital tools that will add value to farming operations through better and more transparent data, and streamlined and more convenient systems.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Head of IT Lloyd Dias says typically, the agriculture industry has not been the go-to career for students graduating with information and technology degrees.

“For Nutrien Ag Solutions to become the retailer of the future we need to invest in the bright minds of the future, and that’s why we are so happy to welcome Denice Dao and Sheldon Thayil to the team,” Mr Dias says.

“During the two-year program, the graduates will be exposed to different aspects of the business such as research and development, project management, technical support, coding and cyber security,” Mr Dias says.

Denice Dao completed a Bachelor of Cybersecurity at La Trobe University.

“Although I don’t have any previous exposure to the ag industry, I know it is an important and essential aspect of our lives so I’m really looking forward to learning as much as possible during the IT Graduate Program,” Denice says.

“IT will continue to play a big role in supporting our farmers in the future. Digital innovation allows a company like Nutrien to collect and analyse data, align it with other relevant information and research and come up with the best solutions for farmers at the touch of a finger.”

Sheldon Thayil studied Business Information Systems at RMIT University.

“I was drawn to the Nutrien IT Grad Program for many reasons – the creative culture, passion for helping farmers and the company’s investment in digital technologies,” Sheldon says.

“I believe areas like digital technology, AI and machine learning are critical in the way we support farmers to sustainably produce food and I am excited to be part of that transformation through Nutrien Ag Solutions.”

Nutrien Ag Solutions is also proud to welcome 11 recruits to its 2021 Agronomy Graduates Program. They are based in various locations across rural and regional Australia.

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