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Cargill Power CanolaTM Program Helps Farmers Take Advantage of Growing Bioenergy Market Opportunities for Canadian Canola

12 March 2024, Winnipeg: Canadian canola growers will soon be able to benefit from new and expanding market opportunities for renewable fuel feedstocks linked to bioenergy with the new Cargill Power CanolaTM program. Enrollment begins this month for the 2024 crop year.

“Through the Cargill Power Canola program, Canadian canola growers can maximize the value of their canola and be on the leading edge of growing market opportunities in both Canada and export destinations,” said Gabe Afolayan, softseeds commercial leader for Cargill. “Agriculture has been serving food and fuel markets for decades, and with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we’re going to continue to support both markets as the global energy transition evolves.”

Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations, the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, and the 2BS voluntary sustainability program in the EU all recognize canola as a low carbon intensity feedstock for biofuels when grown using sustainable practices. Through the Cargill Power Canola program, Cargill makes it seamless for growers to access the value of these global markets. To qualify for the programs, canola must be grown on land that is not designated a protected area; forested or wooded, native or biodiverse grassland, a watershed or riparian zone, or home to “at-risk-species”. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) recognizes all Canadian cropland to have met these criteria so Canadian growers can simply complete the Cargill Power Canola enrollment process to fully register.

How to Enroll

Cargill has enhanced the features of the portal to enable seamless access to a simple three-step enrollment process to help growers take advantage of multiple markets for traceable canola and optimize the market value of their canola crop. Farmers can go to and log in to learn more.

Cargill offers a full suite of solutions for farmers across western Canada – from grain marketing and advisory services to crop inputs and agronomic expertise.  Cargill is a global leader in oilseed processing and currently operates two canola crush facilities in Camrose, Alberta, and Clavet, Saskatchewan. Cargill has made recent investments in its canola crush infrastructure in Canada.  Cargill’s new canola processing facility being built in Regina, Sask. is expected to come online in 2025. 

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