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2023 National Food Safety Publicity Week launched in Beijing

29 November 2023, China: On November 28, the Office of the Food Safety Commission of the State Council, in conjunction with 28 departments including the Central Office for Spiritual Civilization Construction and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, officially launched the 2023 National Food Safety Publicity Week in Beijing. More than 300 representatives from relevant ministries and commissions, industry enterprises, institutions and organizations, and news media held activities such as authoritative releases, keynote speeches, science popularization, and public initiatives around the theme of “Being frugal, trustworthy, conscientious, and working together to protect food safety.” .

At the home event, the Food Safety Office of the State Council newly named 36 cities as “National Food Safety Demonstration Cities”, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released the first batch of national modern agriculture full industry chain standardization demonstration base creation unit list, and the Ministry of Public Security released the crackdown on food safety crimes. In this case, the National Health Commission introduced the effectiveness of food safety standards, risk monitoring and assessment work.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen food safety work in the entire process from “farm to table”, strictly prevent and strictly control food safety risks, and ensure “safety on the tip of the tongue” of the broad masses of the people. In recent years, relevant departments in various regions and all sectors of society have performed their duties and worked together to jointly manage food safety strategies. The implementation of food safety strategies has become more in-depth, the laws and regulations system has become more complete, the quality and efficiency of regulatory enforcement has become more significant, and the implementation of the responsibilities of all parties has become more precise. my country’s food safety situation It continues to maintain stability and improve, and people’s satisfaction and sense of security continue to improve.

The meeting emphasized the need to vigorously promote the social trend of “frugality”, organically combine the maintenance of food safety and the fight against food waste, further improve the long-term mechanism, strengthen daily supervision and law enforcement, and increase publicity and guidance. It is necessary to firmly establish the “honesty” food safety concept. The majority of food production and operation enterprises must establish a strong awareness of food safety, strictly adhere to integrity and self-discipline, strictly abide by the moral bottom line, consciously abide by national laws and regulations, effectively ensure food quality and safety, and strengthen food safety education for all employees. , and actively cultivate a corporate culture of honesty and trustworthiness. It is necessary to improve the “responsibility” work system, establish a food safety responsibility sharing and risk sharing mechanism, clarify the responsibilities of enterprises, jurisdictions, industries, departments and other parties, form a responsibility chain with clear rights and responsibilities, and refine the responsibilities to specific people, Through end-to-end efforts, we can achieve end-end results, strengthen evaluation and evaluation, promote the smooth operation of the responsibility mechanism, and ensure that all responsible parties perform their duties. We must work together to protect the overall situation of food safety. Governments at all levels, enterprises, social organizations, news media, experts, scholars, and consumers must take active actions to strengthen supervision and law enforcement, standardize production and operations, strengthen social supervision, popularize scientific knowledge, and improve the literacy of all people. Guide scientific and rational consumption, and deepen and consolidate the food safety work pattern of “co-construction by the whole people, co-governance by society, and shared by everyone”.

It is reported that during the publicity week, relevant ministries and commissions will hold nearly 40 “Ministry Theme Day” activities, covering laws and regulations, moral integrity education, scientific knowledge popularization, technical skills training, etc. At the same time, relevant news units and associations will hold China Food Safety Forum, China Food Education Conference, Food Safety Media Training Camp, College Students Food Safety and Nutrition China Tour, China Food Consumer Conference, Quality and Efficiency Innovation to Lead the Advancement of High-Quality Catering Development After the meeting, various regions will also organize and carry out various publicity activities based on actual conditions.

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