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Recommended Herbicides for use in Soybean after 15-20 days of sowing

10 July 2023, New Delhi: Indian Institute of Soybean Research –Indore has released an advisory for soybean farmers to use recommended herbicides in soybean crop after 15-20 days of sowing. Information about the use of herbicides recommended by the institute is given below-

Herbicide for Soybean useful after 15-20 days of sowing – Imazethapyr 10 SL.(1.00 L.), Imazethapyr 70% w. G + Surfactant (100 g) Quizalofap Ethyl 5 EC(0.75-1.00 L), Quizalofap-P-Ethyl 10 EC(375-450 ml), Fenaxifap-P-Ethyl 9 E .c.(1.11 l.), Quizalofop-p-tefuryl 4.41 ec.(0.75- 1.00 l.) , Fluazifop-p-butyl 13.4 ec.(1-2 l.), Helaxifop R-methyl 10.5 ec. .C.(1-1.25 L.), Propaquizafop 10 EC.(0.5-0.75 L.), Flumuthiacet Methyl 10.3 E.C. (125 ml), Clethodium 25 EC (0.5 -0.70 L).

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