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How to control pink bollworm in cotton (121-150 days)?

10 July 2023, New Delhi: Central Institute for Cotton Research – Sirsa, Haryana has issued an advisory to the farmers to get higher yields of cotton crop. In this advice, cotton farmers have been told by the institute to save the crop from the outbreak of pink bollworm in 121-150 days old crop. 

Control of pink bollworms in cotton

To control pink bollworm, apply Ethion 50 EC (2000 ml) or Fenvalerate 20 EC (250-500 ml) or Cyhalothrin 5 EC on the crop. (500ml) Cypermethrin 10 EC (500-625 ml) or Cypermethrin 25 EC (250-500 ml) or Deltamethrin 2.8 ec. (400-500 ml) or alphamethrin 10 ec. (250-310 ml) or fenpropathrin 10 ec. (750 ml.) Spray per hectare. 

When to give the last irrigation in the cotton crop? 

The last irrigation of the crop should be done by the end of September. Harvesting of the crop should be done early with economic convenience so that the outbreak of caterpillars in the upcoming crop is reduced. 

After the last picking, sheep and goats should be allowed to graze in the field to destroy the half-opened and spoiled bolls left in the field, if possible, after cutting the cotton stalks, they should be buried in the soil.

Use 375-500 liters of water per hectare.

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