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UPL launches new peanut seed protection product RANCONA® VPL in North America

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21 November 2022, North America: UPL Ltd., last week announced that it has added Rancona® VPL to its North American crop protection portfolio. Rancona® VPL is a liquid treatment package formulated to protect peanut seeds against common diseases.

The product provides immediate contact and long-lasting systemic protection against common diseases in peanuts, including Seed rot caused by seed-born Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Rhizopus; Damping off and seedling blight caused by Aspergillus, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Sclerotinia, and Pythium; Seedling-stage crown rot caused by Aspergillus niger; Early season stem rot and white mold caused by soil-born Sclerotinium rolfsii and black rot caused by soil-born Cylindrocladium parasiticum.

Alongside protection against disease, Rancona® VPL also offers improved germination and plant health.

Thad Haes, UPL Seed, and Soil Health marketing lead said, ″Rancona® VPL gives peanut growers and the wider industry the same confidence they’ve come to expect from Rancona® V PD and the entire Rancona ® portfolio. This innovative and convenient liquid custom blend reflects UPL’s commitment to investing in delivering solutions that support farmer profitability, crop health, and environmental sustainability.″

Rancona® VPL’s liquid formulation was built based on the successful introduction and standout performance of Rancona® V PD dry formulation in 2019.

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