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ADAMA Brazil Recognized Among the Top Five Most Innovative Agribusiness Companies

Over 15 Groundbreaking Innovation Projects Unveiled in 2022

21 August 2023, Brazil: ADAMA Brazil has been selected as one of the agribusiness sector’s top five innovative companies for the eighth consecutive year by The Valor Inovação Brasil Awards. This esteemed recognition reaffirms the company’s commitment to bringing solutions and services that enable farmers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and boost yields, while minimizing potential impact on health, safety, and the environment.

ADAMA Brazil has consistently invested 1.3% of its annual revenues into Research and Development. “In the year 2022 alone, our company successfully executed over 15 innovation projects, spanning the realms of AgTech and Agrochemicals,” said Roberson Marczak, Innovation Manager at ADAMA Brazil. “ADAMA is deeply engaged in open innovation, actively participating in startup acceleration centers and Innovation HUBs. We’re also committed to projects in the Proof of Concept (POC) phase, which hold the potential to evolve into full-fledged initiatives.”

Among the projects launched in 2022 is “The ADAMA Monitor”. This project allows a remote monitoring of pests through ‘smart traps’, giving farmers real-time insights to make informed decisions on crop protection practices.

ADAMA has invested significant resources to develop advanced Formulation Technology platforms that can provide tangible benefits that farmers need in the areas of efficacy, product usability, and sustainability. ADAMA Brazil has introduced over ten new products in the past three years, using T.O.V proprietary technology that addresses clogging concerns in spray nozzles, delivering simplicity and efficiency to farmers. In addition, the ADAMA Biosolutions Platform, launched last year, covers products for plant biostimulation and biodefensives.

An additional project is “ADAMA Darwin”, which will be launched during the next soybean harvest in September. This innovative platform, driven by Artificial Intelligence, is set to help farmers plan and execute all field operations – from planting to harvest. “It is more than an aggregator system, it will help farmers in the complex decision-making process of managing farms,” explains Marczak.

Another innovation project currently in development is addressing one of the most pressing problems for the agrochemical sector in Brazil. Utilizing blockchain technology, the company is devising a unique solution to ensure the integrity of its agrochemical packaging, safeguarding against contamination and unauthorized use.

“Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the ordinary,” adds Marczak. “Each of these projects, and many others, exemplifies our dedication to bringing farmers the solutions they truly need in the most cutting-edge way.”

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