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MustGrow and Sumitomo Corporation Report Significant Program Expansion; Successful US Field Trials

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  • Successful US field trials in cotton, soybeans and cucurbits
  • MustGrow’s mustard-based technology showed efficacy comparable to synthetic chemical standards for treatment of multiple nematode species
  • Sumitomo Corporation to expand program development into Mexico, Peru and Chile
  • Joint regulatory strategy being implemented across the Americas

14 December 2021, Canada: MustGrow Biologics Corp., working with Sumitomo Corporation (TYO: 8053) (OTC: SSUMY), is pleased to announce its successful initial field trial program in the US.  MustGrow and Sumitomo Corporation are now expanding into multiple countries and new crop categories, with Sumitomo Corporation driving field trial development and regulatory work necessary for commercialization in several countries in the Americas.

US Field Trials

Conducted by Sumitomo Corporation, field test data in the US confirmed efficacy of MustGrow’s mustard plant-derived biopesticide technology in treating the key nematode species affecting cotton, soybeans and cucurbits.  Nematodes are soil-borne phytoparasitic roundworms responsible for an estimated annual agricultural economic loss of US$125 billion(1).  Efficacy was comparable to leading synthetic chemical standards.  Sumitomo Corporation will now be driving additional field work, testing other soil-borne pests in the US, including regulatory work necessary for commercialization.

Expansion in the Americas

Building on MustGrow’s recently-announced banana field trial success in treating Fusarium wilt TR4, Sumitomo Corporation is preparing further development work to advance MustGrow’s mustard-derived biopesticide technology towards commercialization in Colombia and will be pursuing other applications in Colombia where the technology may be effective.  In addition, Sumitomo Corporation will now be expanding development work of MustGrow’s technology into Mexico, Peru and Chile, with multiple crops and applications planned.

Joint Regulatory Strategy

Cooperation between MustGrow and Sumitomo Corporation in regulatory strategy efforts have proven effective.  Together, the companies are now commencing regulatory approval processes in multiple countries across South and Central America in addition to the ongoing US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval process.

Company Commentary

MustGrow:  “We are seeing continued field success with our mustard-based biopesticide technology.  The US field trial performance with Sumitomo Corporation’s team continues to show that our technology works with potential application techniques in many different crop categories and geographies.  Seeing continued success is great, but the exciting part is deepening the understanding of our technology with Sumitomo Corporation’s world-class team for expansion in the Americas.  Having a sustainable, natural, organic technology perform as well as the leading chemistries provides a tremendous opportunity to help the agriculture industry confront key challenges in food production through innovation.” – Chief Operating Officer, Colin Bletsky.

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