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Verdesian Life Sciences awarded the Global Leadership Award at BioAg India 2023

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01 May 2023, New Delhi: Verdesian Life Sciences was awarded the Global Leadership Award in Biostimulants and Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) Solutions at the BioAg India 2023 in New Delhi last week.

The event BioAg India 2023 was organized to address issues related to bio and organic agriculture and draw up a road map for safe and sustainable food production. The conference was addressed by the Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar and dignitaries from the industry.

The award was presented by the Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar to Mr. Rick Riegner, Vice President – International Business, and Mr. R.K. Goyal, Managing Director at Verdesian Life Sciences.

Mr. Rick Riegner, Vice President – International Business at Verdesian Life Sciences said, “The award is a recognition of the work being done by us in the Biological sector. India is using 66% more fertilizers than the USA and still production of many crops like Apple is just 1/3rd of America. We aim to bring focus on Nutrient Use efficiency (NUE) and reduce the cost of cultivation. Crops need supplement nutrients like Zinc, Copper, and Potash of which farmers are not much aware in India. Soil health also needs to be focussed.”

RK Goyal told Krishak Jagat, ”Cytozyme is one of the oldest organizations in India that brought the first Biostimulant by the name Crop+ in 1983. Due to Abiotic stress, crops are under tremendous pressure hence we need products and technology which can reduce the impact of Abiotic stress. Grow more with less is our aim in Verdesian now. In the next 6-7 months Verdesian will hire 50 more people in India to grow strong. We aim to be the number 1 organization now in Bio-space in Asia region. Seed treatment concept by nutritional products like Seed+ is also being accepted well by Seed companies in India.”

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