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Coromandel AcuMist Zinc

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20 April 2023, New Delhi: AcuMist Zinc is in-house manufactured premium Zinc micronutrient fertilizer available in suspension form. AcuMist Zinc is having high Zinc concentration (39.5% Zn w/v) which helps in delivering superior results. Its stable suspension technology ensures uniform spread of Zinc nutrient within the solution. It is having special additives which will result in super spreading action with better use efficiency.

Pack Size- 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1Litre.

  • AcuMist Zinc is a superior quality Zinc fertilizer for foliar spray
  • High Zinc concentration (39.5%) in suspension form delivers superior results.
  • Stable suspension formulation with good flowability.
  • Special additives for ensuring super spreading action & rain fastness.
  • Particle size distribution optimized to achieve maximum uptake
  • Rapid action with good mobility within the plant
  • Improve yield and quality of crop produce
  • Corrects Zinc deficiency in standing crop and improves Zinc levels within the plant.
  • Ensures higher use efficiency of Zinc nutrient.
  • Ensures better results in a fast manner
  • Promotes nitrogen metabolism and produces protein and starch
  • Zinc plays key role in Auxin & Carbohydrate metabolism, pollen formation

Dosage and application  

Cotton0.5- 1.0Squaring & Ball development
Chilli1.0- 1.5Vegetative & Fruit set
Capsicum1.0Vegetative & Fruit set
Sugarcane1- 1.5Tillering
Onion1.0Bulb formation
Tomato1.0Vegetative & Fruit set
Potato1.0- 1.5Tuber formation & Tuber development
Cauliflower0.5- 1.030 days after sowing
Cucumber0.5- 1.0Vegetative
Grapes0.50- 0.75Flowering, Fruit set & Veraison
Apple1.0Petal fall stage & Post harvest
Pomegranate1.0Leaf expansion stage & Fruit set
Papaya1.0Pre flowering
Banana1.0- 1.550 days & 90 days after planting
Citrus1.0- 1.5Pre flowering & Post flowering
Ginger1.0-2.0Vegetative & Rhizome formation
Turmeric1.0-2.0Vegetative & Rhizome formation
Coffee0.5- 0.75Pre flowering & Berry formation 
Chickpea1.0Pre flowering
Groundnut0.5- 1.0Peg formation
Maize 1.0- 1.5Vegetative & Tasseling
Paddy1.0- 1.5Vegetative stage & Panicle initiation 
Wheat1.0- 1.5Crown Root Initiation & Heading/ Grain Filling 
Dosage and application  

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