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Coromandel Novozin

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20 April 2023, New Delhi: It is chelated Zinc in EDTA form which is superior to other normal sources of zinc which make Zinc available to crops very slowly.

Pack Size 100 g, 200 g, 500 g


NOVOZIN (Zn EDTA in chelated form) is readily available and easily translocated within plants, unlike Zinc Sulphates (Zn 21% & Zn 33%) which are partly systemic.

  • In High pH conditions also, NOVOZIN is available for the plant since it is chelated and stable, whereas Zinc Sulphate may not be available.
  • NOVOZIN can be applied with complex fertilisers or urea as soil application, as it does not react with phosphates.
  • Foliar application of NOVOZIN provides Zinc immediately to the crop.
  • NOVOZIN is fully soluble in water and can be used in fertigation also.
  • Soil Application: Mix 500g of NOVOZIN with 10kg soil /carriers and apply uniformly in one acre.
  • Foliar Application: Dissolve 100g of NOVOZIN in 150-200 litres of water and spray over one acre of standing crop.
  • Fertigation: 500g per acre, can be mixed with water soluble fertiliser for application.

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