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Symptoms of zinc deficiency in wheat crop

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26 November 2021, Bhopal: Due to the deficiency of zinc in wheat, the crop growth is not uniform, plants remain stunted and leaves are yellowish green in color. Zinc deficiency is more affected by sandy and alkaline clay soils which have more lime in it. The deficiency is also more in soil with high pH.

Major Symptoms: Initially, yellow spots appear in the mid-vein and between the edges in the new and middle leaves, which spread in length. Eventually they turn yellowish brown or brown. Due to zinc deficiency, the crop takes longer to mature.

In the fields where zinc is deficient, 20 kg zinc per hectare should be given at the time of first plowing. It will supply it for 3-4 years. If zinc deficiency is observed in standing crop, then after 3 and 5 weeks of germination. Make a solution of 1 kg zinc sulphate (heptahydrate) + 1 kg urea in 100 liters of water and spray it by adding adhesive to it.

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