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WTO Agreement Can Enhance Food Security, Support Farmers, and Enable Transition to Sustainable Food Systems

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22 July 2022, Switzerland: CropLife International and Gafta (The Grain and Feed Trade Association) welcome the Ministerial Declaration circulated at the Twelfth World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Geneva, highlighting its importance in facilitating trade, ensuring market access for farmers, and allowing them to choose the innovative agricultural tools they need for sustainable food systems.

The Declaration, which was signed by more than 40 delegations, calls to enhance the implementation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement) to better respond to modern challenges and support sound, science-based implementation of SPS measures.

The latest declaration acknowledges that the global landscape has evolved since 1995, bringing about both new opportunities and new challenges, such as changing climatic conditions and associated stresses on food systems, and the growing importance of sustainable agricultural production systems.

To enhance implementation of the SPS Agreement, the declaration proposes a work plan focused on facilitating global food security and more sustainable food systems through sustainable growth and innovation in agricultural production and international trade and by encouraging the use of international standards.

CropLife International and its members lend their support to the proposed work plan, commit to identifying opportunities for engagement where appropriate, and assist governments to deliver on the work plan.

“Today’s declaration is a positive step toward measures that can empower farmers in adapting to the unprecedented challenges facing them and by facilitating access to innovative solutions to enhance future food security,” said Giulia Di Tommaso, CropLife International President and CEO. “CropLife International welcomes this positive example of how we can work together to support safe and open international trade, deliver positive changes for people and the planet, and create a sustainable future for the next generation.”

Gafta also lends its full support to the declaration’s purpose and work plan focused on

facilitating sustainable agricultural production, innovation and international trade by encouraging the use of international standards.

“The importance of having SPS measures and international standards based on sound science is paramount to our members who are transporting millions of tonnes of agricultural commodities every day to nourish the world,” Jaine Chisholm Caunt OBE, Gafta Director General said. “It gives us the certainty we need to trade openly and ensure global food and feed security.”

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