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PIVOT BIO launches connect™ snack brand to address consumer demands for sustainable food

14 October 2021, Berkeley, CA: Pivot Bio, the leading nitrogen innovator in agriculture with a mission to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, today launched Connect, a new line of snack foods grown by farmers using Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen instead of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. The first Connect product is a gourmet yellow butterfly popcorn, 100% whole grain, non-GMO, unpopped popcorn kernels grown on a family farm in Nebraska. Connect Snacks are available to purchase at and on Amazon. Pivot Bio anticipates launching a microwave popcorn product line next year.

Research conducted this year by Pivot Bio found that consumers are more inclined to purchase food that contributes to cleaner air and water when compared to general sustainability claims. Popcorn from Connect is grown using practices that eliminate synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and meet the challenge of growing food that’s better for our planet, accelerating progress towards cleaner air and water, and enabling consumers to support sustainable brands through their purchases.

“Pivot Bio is committed to delivering better nitrogen to farmers that are better for them and our planet,” said Karsten Temme, CEO and co-founder of Pivot Bio. “We have a strong business with our first-of-its-kind microbial nitrogen. Launching a CPG brand is a natural next step for us. We want to connect consumers with farmers to start a conversation about the environmental benefits of crops that are powered by clean nitrogen from Pivot Bio microbes.”

Farmers are looking for new tools that enable them to increase productivity while preserving their land for future generations. As important stakeholders in Pivot Bio’s mission to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer and integral to advancing a sustainable food system, farmers growing crops for Connect are paid a premium when they reduce synthetic nitrogen. Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers are a necessary input to grow crops, and while effective, this traditional approach is inefficient and expensive for farmers. About half of applied synthetic nitrogen never reaches the crop it was intended to fertilize. Instead, it contributes to five percent of greenhouse gas emissions and adversely impacts water quality. Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen offers cleaner nitrogen, which is significantly better for our environment. Through the launch of Connect, Pivot Bio is bringing food to the market that is sustainably grown with a cleaner fertilizer and raising awareness among consumers about the role of nitrogen in agriculture.

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