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Azotic Technologies Announces Expanded Global Growth

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13 January 2024, UK: Azotic Technologies Ltd is pleased to provide an update on its current growth path. It has been 5 years since the launch of Envita in the USA, and since then Azotic has grown on ground sales to just under 2 million acres across 2 continents, in 6 countries, and on a variety of crops.

Aligning with this sales growth, Azotic™ will be “strongly EBITDA positive in 2023,” says Ray Chyc, CEO. “Our company has grown sales every year since we launched Envita in the USA in 2018. As we continue to add distributors across Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and Asia, we expect our growth to become both significant and dramatic in 2024 and beyond. We remain committed to building trust in our products and to working in partnership with global distribution channels to deliver our technology to growers. The science and performance of our product(s) are industry-leading, and with that, our sales around the globe are accelerating.”

Azotic’s unique nitrogen-fixing products are all based on the microbe Gluconocetobacter diazotrophicus (Gd), with initial work out of the University of Nottingham leading to the company’s formation in 2012. Covered by multiple patents globally, Gd, branded as Envita® and Encera™ across many regions of the world, works by setting up a symbiotic relationship with the plant, establishing itself within root, stem and leaf cells to fix nitrogen right inside the cell, making Envita/Encera one of the most efficient N-fixing microbes available commercially.

“Over the last two years, Azotic has expanded its science, commercial, and production teams in the UK, USA, Canada, and Europe and now employs just under 50 people globally,” says Chyc. “The company is now firing on all cylinders, with new formulations being registered and launched around the world, new regional distributors being signed up, and new production & formulation facilities being firmly established in the UK. We now have the ability to produce and supply millions of acres of Envita/Encera, and are well positioned to accelerate our growth.”

During the last two years, Azotic has also been busy confirming activity (N fixation) of Envita/Encera across a multitude of crops. The company has also established concrete, scientifically statistical results on a variety of crops, which confirm what growers can expect in terms of benefit. “It all comes down to the benefit to the grower,” says Tom Tregunno, Global Market Manager. “If they weren’t obtaining a financial benefit in using Envita/Encera, we simply would not be seeing the repeat users we are.”

“Our goal is to ensure Envita/Encera fits your farm. So, whether you want to reduce your nitrogen and maintain yield, or maintain your nitrogen and increase yield – the grower can decide.”

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