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Samunnati to host conclave with 170+ FPOs in Hyderabad

22 June 2023, Hyderabad: Samunnati is hosting one of its kind conclave with 170+ FPOs from across the country. The two-day conclave-themed Building a Resilient FPO Ecosystem will be held in Hyderabad at Kanha Shantivanam on 23-24 June 2023. Samunnati believes that collectivization is the bedrock of larger and deeper socio-economic transformation, and this flagship is envisaged to be a unique platform for top-performing FPOs to learn, share and grow together.

The event aims to create recognition for those making a positive, sustainable, and long-lasting impact on farmers’ livelihoods. The conclave will give a platform to the chosen FPOs to narrate their stories of struggles, and success and share their learnings with the rest of the FPO ecosystem at large, inspiring them to become thriving commercial enterprises and ultimately benefit the farmers of India.

The conclave will feature carefully curated panel discussions around 4 key themes: “Addressing the ‘access to finance’ paradox”, “Opening FPO mindset to AgTech Innovations”, ‘Access to Markets – Opportunities & New developments’ and ‘Climate Smart Practices & Regenerative Agriculture’.

Mr. Anil Kumar SG, Founder & CEO of Samunnati said “This is first of its kind congregation of top-performing FPOs in the country who are the torchbearers for the entire ecosystem. The idea is to use this congregation as a platform to discuss and exchange ideas that made them successful and take them far and wide for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. This will be a great enabler for the nascent FPOs in Agri-ecosystem in the country.”

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