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Paddy crop at significant risk amidst heatwave

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20 June 2023, New Delhi: There is an urgent need to address climate change and transition towards a nature-positive food future. As heat waves intensify and become more frequent in UP and Bihar, the paddy crop, a staple for the kharif season, faces significant risks.

“Farmers currently engaged in sowing are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of extreme temperatures, which can impede germination rates, hamper early plant vigor, and result in plant yellowing. These factors contribute to reduced growth, decreased yields, and potential crop failure”, says Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director at Yara South Asia.

To mitigate these challenges, Mr. Kanwar emphasizes that farmers should adopt adaptive practices. Applying fertilizers and pesticides during cooler hours of the day facilitates proper nutrient absorption, while the use of potassium, balanced nutrition, and Biostimulants enhances plants’ resistance against abiotic stress induced by climate change. Yara India, a division of Yara International, is committed to supporting farmers through regular workshops, providing guidance on heat-tolerant crop varieties, optimal sowing times, and other effective strategies to tackle such situations.

“In the face of escalating climate risks, it is imperative that we collectively prioritize sustainable agricultural practices and foster a resilient food system that embraces nature-positive approaches”, says Mr. Kanwar.

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