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PMFAI’s 19th International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition held in Dubai

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16 February 2024, Dubai: The 18th edition of the flagship event of PMFAI’s International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSCE) took place in Dubai last week (8-9th February 2024).

Mr. Pradip Dave, President, Pesticide Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) highlighted the importance of the event which has come a long way after the first event organized by PMFAI in 1997 in Mumbai. 

ICSCE is an international trade platform for the Agrochemicals, Agri Biological, and allied products industry, to develop strategic and sourcing relationships with international companies and to get updated on current trends in the Agrochemical, Agri Biological, and allied industry market. This year, about 91 leading companies showcased their product portfolios during the two days of ICSCE 2024 Dubai. With over 1,200 registered and over 2,500 delegates, the event was a great success. 

After the first event was organized in 1997 in Mumbai, India, ICSCE has come a long way to achieve the recognition as premier Agri Inputs event connecting the world of Agrochemicals, Agri biological, and Agriculture sectors. In 1997 when PMFAI organised the first ICSCE, the export of Agrochemicals from India was Rs.270 crores, which now reached Rs. 45,000 crores plus.  ICSCE provided opportunities for business expansion by way of joint ventures, bilateral trade, sub-contracting / contract manufacturing and distribution, and networking opportunities for buyers and sellers to benefit mutually.  ICSCE 2024 Dubai witnessed a tremendous response with the active participation of delegates from across the globe.

At the end of the Inaugural Session, Mr. Deepak Shah, Vice President – PMFAI & Chairman, CCFI gave a vote of thanks to all Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers, and participants for their active participation in the event.

Delegates from countries all over the world including – Argentina, Australia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Guinea, Ghana, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malwai, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkiye, Tanzania, Tunisia, USA, UAE, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Zambia participated in the event.

The two-day event hosted pesticide scientists, biological products, and industry experts, who gave presentations on various important topics, brief details of the awards are given below: 

  • Seed and Crop Nutrition is need of the time: Mr. R.K. Goyal, Managing Director (South Asia, South East Asia, Australia & NZ), Verdesian Life Sciences & Cytozyme Labs Inc. USA.  The presentation highlighted the importance of seed and crop nutrition to cope with the future demand for quality foods.  Mr. Goyal’s presentation focused on Developing the seed coating segment as Biologicals in India for Cytozyme Seed+ product, enhancing seedling vigor and maximizing crop yield and Integrated Nutritional Management.
  • Future Development of Crop Protection Market in the Middle East and Africa: Dr. Derek Oliphant, Partner, AgbioIncvestor. The presentation gave important insight into the future development of the crop protection market in the Middle East and Africa.  He also talked about future market drivers and the role of changing dietary habits affecting the demand for various agri-farming inputs.
  • Harnessing Indian Manufacturing to address Tectonic shifts in Global Manufacturing for Synergy & Collaboration towards China Plus One policy: Mr. Jitendra Mohan, Chief Operating Officer, Willowood Chemicals Ltd. Mr. Jitendra Mohan talked about harnessing Indian manufacturing to address tectonic shifts in global manufacturing and strategy for Indian industries to take advantage of China’s plus one policy.
  • Registration Procedure of Biologicals in India: Dr. Athreya Devanur, Executive Director, AgriLife India Pvt. Ltd.  Dr. Athreya made a presentation on Registration procedures of Biologicals in India and the recent developments relating to the Bio-stimulants through Central Bio-stimulants Committee.
  • Climate Smart Agriculture with the help of Biostimulants: Mr. Reza Jivani, Director, Vikas Crop Care. Mr. Jivani talked about how to overcome climate change and generate maximum yield using biostimulants as agri inputs which is a boon to the agriculture industry.
  • Biological Crop Protection – Addressing Food Safety, Crop Protection & Quality: Ms. Komal Shah Bukhanwala, Director R&D and IP, SML Limited. The presentation dealt with Biological Crop Protection.  Mr. Komal Shah talked about various aspects of Biological Crop Protection.
  • Status of Indian Crop Protection Industry & Global Situation: Mr. Atul Churiwal, Managing Director, Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd.  In his presentation, Mr. Churiwal gave the status of the Indian Crop Protection Industry and the present global situation.  He emphasized that India is in a better position to provide crop protection products globally as compared to China.  Mr. Churiwal also talked about the threat of climate change which is adversely affecting grain production.
  • Latest Technologies from Indian in crop/balanced nutrition: Mr. Rahul Mirchandani, President, Indian Micro-Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (IMMA) & Chairman, Aried Agro Crop Science. Mr. Mirchandani talked about the latest technologies from India in balanced crop nutrition and also emphasized the importance of chelation technology.  He also gave a brief about IMMA, an association representing Indian Micro Fertilisers Manufacturers, existing for the last 4 decades.
  • Compatibility of Co-Formulants with Gram-Negative Bacteria and Fungi Strains: Mr. Jan Chrominski, Senior Technical Service and Development Specialist, Dow: In his presentation, Mr. Jan Chrominski explained about developing compatibility between microorganisms and Co-Formulants and the critical challenge linked to biological formulation besides performance criteria (wetting, dispersing).
  • Precision Agriculture – The Integration of AI and IoT – Cmdr. Dr. Reji Kurien Thomas: Dr. Reji Kurien in his presentation gave details on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).  This cutting-edge approach empowers farmers with data-driven insights, enabling informed decision-making for optimizing crop yields, conserving resources, and curtailing environmental footprints. AI serves as the brain, analyzing copious data from IoT sensors scattered through the farming landscape – monitoring soil, moisture, crop health, and meteorological patterns to facilitate real-time adjustments and predictions.
  • Present and Future Scenarios of Biofertilizers – Dr. Aman Sharma, Director, Agrella Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.: Dr. Sharma deliberated extensively on the role of biofertilizers, their requirement, and differentiation of biofertilizers from other alternatives.  He gave an insight into the Indian Bio-fertilizer market and emphasized the significant role of biofertilizers in sustainable agriculture.

Presentations greatly helped participants in gaining knowledge about the market, trends, and technologies in Global Agrochemicals; Agri biologicals, and emerging trends in the Agri Inputs business. 

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