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Collaborative MoU Between Heifer India and CIRG to Transform India’s Goat Value Chain, Empowering Farmer Communities

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10 October 2023, New Delhi: Heifer India and the ICAR – Central Institute for Research on Goats (CIRG), India’s leading government institute focusing on goat farming, have officially formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 6th October at the Institute at Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura. This strategic alliance marks a significant leap forward in revolutionizing India’s goat value chain and uplifting the livelihoods of rural farmer communities. This MoU is a culmination of several rounds of online discussions between experts of the two organizations. Both organizations share a commitment to reshape India’s goat value chain into a catalyst for prosperity among smallholder farmers. Their collaborative endeavors encompass pioneering research, comprehensive training programs, and the implementation of sustainable solutions. Their collective mission is not only to boost productivity but also to generate employment opportunities and combat poverty in India’s rural regions.

Empowering Smallholder Farmers:

Both organizations pledge to provide specialized training, unwavering support, and essential resources to smallholder farmers and Community Agro-Veterinary Entrepreneurs (CAVEs). Their focus areas include elevating goat productivity, imparting advanced training in breeding and healthcare practices, and fostering sustainability within the goat value chain.

Rina Soni, Country Director, Heifer India, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with CIRG, a premier government institute on goats, symbolizes the positive synergy that can be achieved when like-minded organizations come together to improve the goat value chain in India. At Heifer India, our approach has always been locally led by the communities we serve, in response to their expressed needs and priorities. We are dedicated to co-creating lasting impact in smallholder farmer communities by offering capacity strengthening to bolster autonomous action. Moreover, we actively facilitate linkages with private sector value chain partners to ensure the long-term sustainability of community farming enterprises. Together with CIRG, we are committed to driving prosperity and sustainability, hand in hand with the communities we serve.”

Dr. Manish Kumar Chatli, Director, ICAR-CIRG, echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the profound impact of this partnership. He stated, “Our collaboration with Heifer India, a globally respected organization, and CIRG, India’s premier government institute on goats, exemplifies the immense power of partnership in achieving extraordinary outcomes. We share a common purpose—to enhance the lives of smallholder farmers and advance the goat farming sector in India. Together, we will forge a brighter future for all, transforming not only the goat value chain but also the destiny of our dedicated farmers, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian agriculture.”

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