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Syngenta India to light up over 57 hamlets in MP’s Harda

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10 October 2023, Harda: Syngenta India has decided to make electricity available to over 57 hamlets, benefitting more than 6500 people in the Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. Syngenta India will spend Rs 2.5 crore to take the electricity project to its logical conclusion. The project was inaugurated by Kamal Patel, Agriculture Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Hailing Syngenta India’s CSR move, Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that access to affordable electricity is essential for improving the quality of life for impoverished communities. It enables access to necessities like lighting, cooking, and communication, fostering economic development and educational opportunities, he said.

“CSR initiatives from corporate entities such as Syngenta India ensuring electricity to deprived sections of society would go a long way in addressing energy, poverty and promoting sustainable development,” said Patel, adding that even in the past during the Covid-19 pandemic, Syngenta India extended help to ameliorate the people’s woes during one of the most challenging times faced by humanity in recent memory.

The Agriculture Minister said that Syngenta also came forward and distributed 100 hospital beds to the district hospital in Harda two years back. Once again Syngenta has come forward to support the government by announcing Rs 2.5 crore assistance for the project of rural electrification of more than 57 hamlets in Harda that will benefit more than 6500 people.

Dr. KC Ravi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Syngenta India, said that the initiative will particularly empower the women to undertake activities to supplement their family income and will prove a boon for children who can now study at night and also those who take online classes.

“The farmers will be able to run pumps for irrigating their fields and also water can be made available in houses saving the womenfolk the time and labor spent on fetching water for household chores and cooking,” added Dr Ravi.

Dr. Ravi said, “I am extremely happy to recall and inform you all that in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Syngenta India dedicated a CT scan center at Ambah Civil Hospital in Morena district with a cost of over Rs 2.0 crore, which benefitted 815 villages and several thousands of people.”

“So far more than 1200 people have availed the benefit of CT scan machines and saved Rs 60 lakh on testing fees compared to private facilities. The installation has also saved the patients their time and money on travel,” he added.

Susheel Kumar, MD and Country Head, Syngenta India reflected that Syngenta has been continuously supporting the rural communities in Madhya Pradesh in several districts. They regularly hold classes and workshops for farmers on the safe use of agrochemicals and other agronomical practices. The company has always come forward in times of adversity to help the rural communities and those in need like distribution of safety kits, medicines, groceries, etc in times of flood or drought or any other calamity.

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