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Seed treatments are vital to help get your crop off to the best start

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03 February 2024, UK: Having made your variety selection, it is essential to protect and enhance your investment with suitable seed treatment options. 

Recent seasons have seen extremes of weather including dry spring conditions which can lead to plant stress. This can be a particular challenge on typically lighter soil types used for growing malting barley. Establishing a strong root structure provides better access to nutrients and water leading to improved plant health and vigour. 

VIBRANCE® Duo from SYNGENTA is established as an effective seed treatment for use in a range of cereal crops, including spring barley. 

In addition to providing good control of key seed and soil-borne diseases, VIBRANCE® Duo has proven benefits on crop establishment and rooting helping to build a more resilient crop to protect yield. While these physiological benefits of VIBRANCE® Duo are clearly valuable in all cereal crops, they can be even more important in spring sown crops like spring barley. 

For those looking for much more from their seed treatment, NUELLO® iN is a biological seed treatment from SYNGENTA offering the potential to fix atmospheric nitrogen for your crop.

Supported in a range of crops, including spring barley, NUELLO® iN contains two unique N-fixing endophyte bacteria. These endophytes enter the plant through root cracks and colonise the roots and shoots for the duration of the season where they constantly work to aerobically fix atmospheric nitrogen, making it available to the plant.

There are many situations where it is not possible to meet the nitrogen demand of a crop (dry weather, delayed nitrogen applications, soil type, leaching etc). Having a “back-up generator” running in the plant for when nitrogen and other nutrients are limiting is a solution provided by these endophytic bacteria.

  • In spring barley apply NUELLO® iN to enhance yields with standard nitrogen applications* especially where access to nitrogen from the soil is limited 
  • Weather, soil type and soil moisture conditions will have a big impact on nutrient availability and uptake
  • NUELLO® iN is a great insurance policy to help bridge the gap if N is not optimally taken up and was an excellent yield benefit in spring barley in the dry conditions of spring 2022
  • In trials NUELLO® iN improved crop vigour, increased ear numbers and improved screenings to optimise grain fill – key components for yield
  • No effects from application of NUELLO® iN on % grain N observed in trials

*Consult a FACTS Qualified Adviser for advice and guidance on nitrogen applications.

For control of seed and soil borne diseases it is recommended to apply NUELLO iN with a fungicide seed treatment.

We recommend NUELLO iN is applied with VIBRANCE DUO in spring barley to provide the combined benefits of both products 

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