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Microclover® – the tiny friend of challenged turf managers

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13 December 2023, Denmark: They say that the best things come in small packages. That’s definitely true for Microclover®, the little plant that improves the look and performance of turf while easing the turf manager’s workload. Better still, Microclover® makes turf management less costly and more sustainable.

Microclover® for better turf: more attractive and easier to manage

Microclover® for an industry under pressure

For turf managers, the pressure is on. They have to cut costs, manage more sustainably, and keep their parks green and sports grounds playable all year round. In this challenging environment, Microclover® is their tiny saviour.

Microclover®, a specially bred dwarf white clover from DLF, helps with the turf sector’s toughest challenges. Mixed with grass the turf need  less pesticide and fertiliser, maintenance costs and management time can be reduced, and it helps maintain a playing field’s superb visual appeal.

Using nature to fix nitrogen from the air

By adding Microclover® to a seed mixture, turf professionals and home lawn owners let nature do the work for them. Microclover® captures nitrogen from the air, then converts it to a nutrient that both Microclover® and neighbouring grass plants can use. This sound environmental practice aligns with the UN’s 2019 global campaign on sustainable nitrogen management.

The nitrogen fixing takes place in root nodules, formed by Rhizobium bacteria. As older roots die and decompose, the accumulated nitrogen within the root nodules becomes available to surrounding grass plants. This slow release reduces the need for frequent applications of nitrogen fertiliser, and reduces nitrogen run-off into nearby streams and rivers. Microclover® is a sustainable alternative to chemical turf treatments.

Natural nitrogen fixing is also good for over-stretched turf-management budgets. With sky-high fertiliser prices, anything that cuts fertiliser use eases the pressure on costs. And it’s one less job to do, which frees up valuable maintenance  time.

The clover that loves to be mown

Microclover® is not like a traditional clover. It has smaller leaves and a low growth habit. In fact Microclover® performs at its best when grown and mown alongside turfgrasses. The plant is mow-tolerant at 20 mm. Grown together with turfgrass, the two work together to create a visually appealing, dense, and drought-tolerant turf that stays green for longer.

Since Microclover® spreads through stolons – runners that reach out horizontally to grow new roots and plants – it fills the gaps that weeds would otherwise take advantage of. Microclover® helps fight weed invasion and reduces the need for herbicides.

The result is a uniform, wear-tolerant, drought and shade-resistant turf suitable for landscaping, private gardens, and more extensive sport areas.

A simple, sustainable turfgrass companion

Microclover® makes turfgrass seed mixtures more sustainable. It provides turf managers and home lawn owners with a natural way to cut nitrogen and herbicide use, and reduce their maintenance costs. With its small, low-growing leaves, Microclover® also improves the year-round look of  turf.

In almost every aspect of turf  maintenance, Microclover® offers turf professionals and home lawn owners a greener, more cost-effective, and more environmentally sound approach to turf management.

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