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High yielding wheat variety Wheat Variety HD 3226

19 October 2022, New Delhi: The Wheat Variety HD 3226 is released for commercial cultivation in North Western Plain Zone comprising of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan (Except Kota and Udaipur Divisions), Western Uttar Pradesh (Except Jhansi Division), Jammu and Kathua district of J&K, Una district and Paonta Valley of H.P and Uttarakhand (Tarai region) under Irrigated, timely Sown Conditions.

Disease Resistance

  • Highly resistant to Yellow, Brown and Black rust
  • Highly resistant to Karnal bunt, Powdery mildew, loose smut and foot rot


The average yield of HD 3226 is 57.5 q/ha while the genetic yield potential is 79.60 q/ha.

 Quality Parameters

  • High Protein content (12.8% average)
  • High dry and wet gluten
  • Good grain appearance, high sedimentation value, high extraction rate,
  • Average Zinc content 36.8 ppm
  • HD 3226 has perfect Glu-1 Score (10) with highest bread quality score (6.7) and bread loaf volume indicating its suitability for various end use products.

Agronomic practice: Irrigated timely sown

Seed rate (Kg. /ha.): 100

Sowing time:  05-25 November

Fertilizer dose (Kg/ha):  Nitrogen: 150 (Urea @255 Kg/ha); Phosphorus: 80 (DAP @ 175 Kg/ha) Potash: 60 (MOP @ 100 Kg/ha)

Timing of fertilizer application: 1/3 nitrogen with full dose of phosphorus and potash at the time of sowing; remaining nitrogen apply after first and second irrigation equally

Irrigation:  First irrigation after 21 days after sowing and further irrigation as per need

Weed control:  Total @ 40 g/ha at 27-35 days after sowing; Topic @ 400 g/ha at 27-35 days after sowing

Yield maximization:  For maximising yield the variety should be sown in second fortnight of October. Appropriate nitrogen management and use of two sprays as tank  mix-Chlormequat chloride  (Lihocin) @ 0.2% +  tebuconazole (Folicur 430  SC) @ 0.1% of commercial  product dose at First Node  and Flag leaf. 

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