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7 important tips for Soybean farmers before sowing

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08 June 2023, New Delhi: The sowing time for the soybean crop is coming close. Farmers need to follow some preliminary steps to ensure high productivity. The most important 7 recommendations of the Indian Institute of Soybean Research will help farmers to ensure higher yield.

1. Second week of June to the first week of July is the best time for sowing soybean, but it is advisable to sow soybean only after the arrival of monsoon and a minimum of 10 cm rainfall.

2. It is beneficial to do deep plowing of your field once in 2 to 3 years from the point of view of stability in soybean production. So those farmers who have not adopted this method, please do deep plowing of your field at this time. After that, prepare the field by running the cultivator and screed in the opposite direction. In normal years, prepare the field by running the cultivator and screed twice in the opposite direction.

3. Before the last weeding, apply cow dung manure (10 tons/ha) or chicken manure (2.5 tons/ha) in the field and mix it well. This will increase the quality and nutrients of the land.

4. According to the availability, run a device called a sub-soiler at an interval of 10 meters in opposite directions in your field, which will increase the water holding capacity of the land, and will help in saving the crop for a longer period in the unexpected situation of drought.

5. Incidents like drought, excessive rainfall, or untimely rain are being seen in the crop for the last few years. To save the crop in such adverse conditions, it is advisable to choose BBF (wide bed system) or ridge-furrow system (cud-med-system) for sowing soybean and arrange for related equipment or equipment.

6. It is advised to select 2-3 soybean varieties with different maturity periods, recommended for your climatic zone, and ensure availability and quality of seed (seed germination minimum 70%).

7. Ensure purchase and availability of necessary inputs (seeds, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, weedicides, organic culture) for soybean cultivation.

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